Rogue UX - Absolute Fidelity is the way to go!

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FYI, we had lunch with Feb's speaker the other day & talked about a different topic which lead to a bit of an update. See below for the new topic.

Is the (current) sacred cow that we start with low fidelity so we can iterate quicker, get more customer feedback and manage stakeholders better?

Or is that just a waste of time and energy that produces low value feedback?

For our first session of the year, Duncan Macneil will talk about his experiences in pushing absolute fidelity from day one. How are UX tools like Azure impacting feedback? Why is high fidelity better? What happens when stakeholders think you've already built the thing? And OMG... What will the lean people say? He'll share both the wins & the losses with this rogue ux concept.

We're leaving lots of time for discussion on this one ;)

Meet Duncan Macneil, a software designer who is challenging the traditional approach to digital delivery. He is the founder of Cartesian Creative, a whole-of-service consulting firm where art & science collide via human factors and technology. He is also an ambassador for IBM Bluemix.