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Building & scaling product teams - How do we make this work?

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We're over the moon that Rich Mironov is headed to AU this February! Hence why we're not scheduling our normal Thursday evening!

In our annual survey, we asked what topics you are interested in & 'building/scaling product teams' was #1 so we'll kick off the year with... How do you arrange the puzzle pieces of roles, responsibilities and people when building or scaling a product team? Rich's talk will help us explore:

- Division of labor: how do we grow from one to three to many product folks?
- End-to-end management of product elements/features, or product owner and business owner roles?
- What does a Head of Product do?
- When do startups need to hire a product person?

This will be interactive, there will be some book giveaways and Rich invites us to 'call BS' on anything. Hope to see you there! Our Speaker:
Rich Mironov ( is a 30-year veteran of Silicon Valley tech companies. Rich coaches product executives, product management teams and agile/lean development organizations. He also parachutes into software companies as interim VP Products/CPO to address company-level product/market/leadership issues. Rich has been the “product guy” at six Silicon Valley start-ups including as CEO and VP Product Management. Since 2002, his long-running blog has covered software, start-ups, product strategies, and the inner life of product managers. Rich is the author of “The Art of Product Management” (2008), and founded the first Product Camp. He has a BS Physics from Yale and an MBA from Stanford.
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67 Queen Street, Melbourne · Victoria 3000
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