Sharing your baby with a product manager


We're gathering a few founders to talk about 'Sharing their baby' - ie
having that first product manager and then scaling the team.

If you're a product manager at a startup, considering a role as the 1st product person at a company or a founder, come along to hear from our panel of founders - what's their experience been, why did they decide they needed a product person, etc.

Our Panel:
Danielle Bodinnar, CEO of Karista
Danielle is a passionate entrepreneur and mother of two, who has held senior management positions in sales, marketing, supply chain and project management in large corporations for over 20 years. She founded Karista after being inspired by the changes emerging in the healthcare industry.

Doug English, Founder & CTO of Culture Amp
Doug is one of the founders of Culture Amp. Before starting work on Culture Amp, Doug was working on another startup as a co-founder.

Linus Chang
Founder of 2 software companies with a passion for creating software that enhances productivity and security. His areas of interest are data security and information theory, in both digital and analogue worlds.

Our facilitator for the eve is George Tsigounis who has been the 1st product manager at a startup (& part of the ProdAnon community. You'll recognise him from Product Camp's morning keynote!)

Thanks Culture Amp for hosting this month!