Leading the Product - Lightning Talk - PitchFest


Leading the Product (LTP) are planning another round of Lightning Talks this year. Would you like to be one of those speakers & have the chance to present to 500 product professionals???

We're hosting LTP Pitchfest again this year to give you the chance to do exactly that! We had two great talks at last year's event by the two winners of the 2018 Pitchfest - Daniel Kinal & Shiyu Zhu. We are hoping to find another two great speakers to take the stage in 2019.

First, we'll hear from the folks who did Lightning Talks last year. Get their tips and hear about their experience in planning, practicing and getting up there!

Then, it's your turn! Those of you interested will get 90 seconds to pitch what you'd like to talk about. No slides... just you sharing with the crowd & judges.

At the end of the evening, 2 people will be selected to present a Lightning Talk at Leading the Product 2019. Selection is based on the judges' vote and votes from the audience.

If you know someone that should get up and present then make sure you send them the link to this event!

"I wasn't sure about pitching a lighting talk topic last year but it ended up being an amazing experience. The pitch night itself is great fun and the crowd is incredibly encouraging. Think more 'open-mic night' than 'audition'. Actually winning a spot was a surprise but it was a thrill to have the chance to take that pitch to the next level. Preparing the presentation was intense but incredibly rewarding. And, of course, I wasn't alone: being paired with a supportive coach to assist in crafting the presentation to get that pace and structure just right was a huge help. And then the opportunity to present it to a group of my tribe at Australia's pre-eminent product management event was, of course, an absolute rush."
- Daniel Kinal

The judges are looking for:

- Relevance: Appropriate subject matter for the audience
- Level: The audience is primarily Product Managers with 5+ years of Product Management
- Presentation Style: Entertaining, Engaging, Educational
- The X-Factor: do we want to hear more from this person???

Our judges for the evening will be confirmed closer to the date.

You should rsvp for this session and then tell us you're interested at this form: https://forms.gle/jcbpEVNxVpippABv6

In a supportive and friendly environment put forward an idea you’ve been noodling on. Maybe there is something that annoys you, something that you love, a new tool you just can’t live without, anything, just come and tell us about it. It’s only 90 seconds. What have you got to lose? It’s a great skill to work on. Get yourself ready for that great elevator pitch.


It is a five minute presentation, with 20 slides that advance automatically. You can see a video of the three Lightning talks from Leading the Product Melbourne 2017 here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EFL0gKVOhNE) and the LTP Sydney 2018 talks here: https://www.leadingtheproduct.com/past-speakers/
(scroll down a little and read, watch or check-out the sketchnote!)