• Open Banking at Work by Cosmin Cosma, Co-Founder & Managing Partner FINQware

    Hi Productcampers, In September we welcome to Product Camp Meetup Cosmin Cosma Co-Founder & Managing Partner FINQware (https://www.finqware.com/) Serial entrepreneur with banking management experience. Past engagements with ING Group, GE Capital, Garantibank, Volksbank. 2 financial services start-ups founded and exited - a francisee retail banking branch for ING Bank (exit 2007) & a re-insurance broker (exit 2014). Education: Bachelor Degree in Philosophy at University Bucharest and Executive MBA graduate at ASEBUSS/Kennesaw State University (Atlanta, USA) More about Cosmin: http://bit.ly/LinkedINCosmin His talk will be about: "Banking is shaking and reshaping. Opportunities arise for new fintech initiatives in the financial ecosystem Challenges of change: - regulation, innovantion latency factors, push backs by existing players in the game Case studies of different approaches for disruption and innovation in banking." In the second part we will have as usually OPEN SPACE (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Open_Space_Technology) so be prepared to bring your own topics to present! AGENDA 18:45 - 19:00 Welcome Product Campers 19:00 - 20:00 Open Banking at Work by Cosmin Cosma 20:00 - 20:10 BREAK 20:10 - 21:00 OPEN SPACE See you at Tech Hub on Monday 17th September, Adi Suciu & Cosmin Cosma https://twitter.com/pcampbucharest https://www.facebook.com/pcampbucharest

  • How To Build & Scale An 8 Figure Brand That Will Make You Proud by Sam Olawale

    Hi Productcampers, Please be invited to our special Product Camp Bucharest May Edition. It is done during Bucharest Technology Week https://techweek.ro/ and will host our community speaker, Sam Olawale. Here is what he shares during his talk: - How to test & validate your idea/product and know if it will sell even before producing it - Advanced social media advertising scaling and optimisation - Advanced email marketing strategies - how to build a brand story that compels people to buy your products - Crowdfunding and product launching - eliminating risk so you can hit the ground running - Insight into his own accounts, showing real life results of his strategies in action - Advanced long term branding strategies … and more! In the second part we will have Open Space https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Open_Space_Technology where you can bring your own product-related topic to discuss with the group. Agenda: 18:45 - 19:00 Welcome Product Campers 19:00 - 20:00 " How To Build & Scale An 8 Figure Brand That Will Make You Proud" by Sam Olawale 20:00 - 20:10 BREAK 20:10 - 21:00 Open Space See you at Tech Hub Bucharest! *** This event is hosted in partnership with Bucharest Tech Week - largest urban tech festival, 18-20 May in University Square. Register for free: https://techweek.ro/tech-expo-about/ *** Adi Suciu

  • The Brief - an Essential Starting Point for Any Successful Communication

    Hi Productcampers, We invite you to our December Meetup with Maria Gavrilescu (https://www.linkedin.com/in/mariagavrilescu/): STOP. Stop and think before you START. We live in a crazy and hectic world and act on impulse. Everyday. Everytime. We overlook what we aim to achieve on the long run. We dive directly into execution or tactics. Find out how to STOP and BRIEF. Come and find out what are the steps to write a SUCCESSFUL BRIEF for you and your business partners. Maria Gavrilescu (https://www.linkedin.com/in/mariagavrilescu/) (Masha) is a statuper, marketer and design thinker. She has been putting pieces back together for the last 12 years in businesses such as Unilever, Heineken, Sab Miller, Omega Pharma, Snack Attack by naturally giving life and reinventing brands and experiences. Masha likes to take on challenges that others don't. Latest challenge accepted: The Startup world. In the second part we have Open Space (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Open_Space_Technology). Bring your topic or question about Product Marketing, Product Management or Product Development and be prepared to propose it. Agenda: 19:00 - 20:00 "The Brief - an Essential Starting Point for any Successful Communication" by Maria Gavrilescu (https://www.linkedin.com/in/mariagavrilescu/) 20:00 - 20:15 BREAK 20:15 - 21:00 Open Space See you at Tech Hub! Adrian

  • How to Launch a Product on ProductHunt by Tudor Marciu

    TechHub Bucharest

    This month at Product Camp Meetup Tudor Marciu talks about "How to Launch a Product on ProductHunt" "By popular demand, a repeat of last week's presentation — an outsider's guide to making your product successful by sharing the best practices that have developed over the years. The guide includes a checklist of things to focus on for your launch, as well as what to avoid doing, and what you can start doing today. We also added a bonus section with tips on how to #viral, including an analysis of some of the most popular product launches to date – while debunking common misconceptions." Tudor Marciu is an independent product consultant with experience in software engineering, agile processes and product management. A fan of transparency and efficiency, he promotes a no-nonsense approach to software development. Through his company, Johnny Modest Consultancy, he provides Business Analysis and Product consultancy to both startups and established companies. For the second part we have Open Space (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Open_Space_Technology), and we encourage you to come with your own topics on Product Management and Product Development. See you next Monday at Tech Hub! Agenda: 18:45 - 19:00 Welcome product campers 19:00 - 20:00 How to Launch a Product on ProductHunt 20:00 - 20:15 BREAK 20:15 - 21:15 Open Space

  • Innovation + Marketing: Two Essential Weapons of Modern Business by Mike Parsons

    Hi Productcampers, In September we are holding a special edition of Product Camp Bucharest. Our speaker is Mike Parsons from QUALITANCE (https://www.qualitance.com/) Here is a summary of his talk: "In 1954 Peter Drucker, famous business author, said: “…the business enterprise has two–and only two–basic functions: marketing and innovation.“ Today, 63 years later, this has never been truer. Discover how product innovation drives growth and how modern marketing practices are binding brands and customers together. Mike Parsons, Chief Innovation Officer at QUALITANCE will take you through a journey of ideas and practical advice to help you unlock the two essential weapons of modern business. " About Mike Parsons Over the last 20 years, Mike has developed breakthrough products for IKEA, Virgin, Levi’s and Nike. During his time on Madison Avenue, he created award-winning campaigns for Xbox, VW, and Hasbro. You can discover more about Mike on Moonshot's - his innovation podcast: https://www.moonshots.io/ We would like to thank QUALITANCE for hosting this Meetup. Full address: Opera Center 2 (Left entrance), Str. Dr. Nicolae Staicovici Nr. 2, 7th Floor, near Eroilor Metro station. See you on Tuesday, 14th September! Adi, Vlad and Tudor

  • Product Camp Bucharest #14 "Evolving from a Problem to a Solution"

    Dear productcampers, We invite you to another edition of Product Camp Bucharest meetup. This time we have a presentation from one of our community members: Pavel Vlaicu (https://www.meetup.com/Product-Camp-Bucharest-Meetup/members/213547079/) talks about: A general-purpose framework with applications for almost any kind of problems you could encounter both in your professional and personal life. "How should one treat an earthshaking challenge while taking care of himself?" The presentation is based on experience from the author's personal life applied successfully in stressful situations. At this presentation you will be handed three theories (two of which are common knowledge), a method on how to link them and an example how this method helped the author identify a solution and transform it into a business opportunity. Pavel Vlaicu (https://www.meetup.com/Product-Camp-Bucharest-Meetup/members/213547079/) is a Sustainable Development Consultant, Bio-Ecologist & Feedback Interpreter with experience in Commerce, Technology & Electronics. He is a proud member of Product Camp community willing to share his experiences. In the second part we have Open Space (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Open_Space_Technology) so be prepared to bring your own topics about Product Development, Product Design, Entrepreneurship, .... Agenda: 19:30 - 20:15 "Evolving from a Problem to a Solution" by Pavel Vlaicu 20:15 - 20:30 BREAK 20:30 - 21:30 Open Space See you at Tech Hub! Adi, Vlad and Tudor

  • How to combine Design Thinking & Agile when developing user-centric products

    Hi Productcampers, On June 12th we welcome Silvia Mihailescu (https://www.linkedin.com/in/silviamihailescu) who’ll be sharing her story about embracing Agile and Design Thinking in order to rapidly develop user-centric products for IBM. As an experienced Marketer, story doer and design thinker, Silvia has worked for 10 years at IBM, before joining the startup world. She has lived in New York, Tokyo, Germany and worked a lot around Africa and South Asia. Silvia landed in an intrapreneurial environment in Japan, where together with her team was tasked to come up with an application that helped sellers increase their revenue. This is when she discovered how Agile and Design Thinking principles can help anyone (not just IT engineers) collaborate with users and come up with smart solutions... to anything. This event is dedicated to those who are planning to start a business (in tech or other industries), want to reinvent the way their companies build products, become more client-centric, or are just curious about hearing about Silvia’s adventure in Japan. See you at Tech Hub Bucharest on Monday, 12th June

  • Product Camp Bucharest 12 - "UXProject Story" by Andrei Mihai

    TechHub Bucharest

    Hi Productcampers, On our May edition of Product Camp Bucharest, Andrei Mihai (http://www.uxproject.ro) talks about: "Evolution of an UX idea, a consultancy and training startup. One year journey, challenges and unexpected events for an entrepreneur." This event is organised in partnership with Bucharest Technology Week (http://techweek.ro/) Agenda 18:45 - 19:00 Welcome Product Campers 19:00 - 19:10 Intro 19:10 - 20:10 "UXProject Story" by Andrei Mihai (http://www.uxproject.ro) 20:10 - 20:20 BREAK 20:20 - 21:15 OPEN SPACE See you at Tech Hub Bucharest on Monday, 22nd May!

  • Product Camp #11 "Product Launching For Savvy Entrepreneurs"­ by Sam Olawale

    Hi Productcampers, This month Sam Olawale (http://www.kickstartsuccess.co) talks about "Product Launching for Savvy Entrepreneurs". Here is a summary of his talk: "With the aid of the internet and social media, anyone in the world can launch a new idea/product from scratch and turn it into a wildly profitable and successful business with a relatively low budget. I will give you a roadmap of exactly how to do this, and I will show you real life examples of how I am currently doing this. I will also explain in detail how you can turn a product launch into a 6 - 7 figure business within just a few months, all without quitting your 9 to 5 job." As always, in the second part we have Open Space (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Open_Space_Technology). Please bring your subject on Product Development, Startup Businesses, or other product related question/talk and present it to the audience! Agenda 18:45 - 19:00 Welcome Product Campers 19:00 - 19:10 Intro 19:10 - 20:10 "Product Launching for Savvy Entrepreneurs" by Sam Olawale (http://www.kickstartsuccess.co) 20:10 - 20:20 BREAK 20:20 - 21:15 OPEN SPACE See you at Tech Hub Bucharest on Tuesday, 28th March! Adi & Vlad

  • Product Camp Bucharest #10: Accelerate Your Startup. Turn it in2 a Business

    Hi Productcampers, This month Andrei Romanescu (http://www.romanescu.com), mentor for go-getters, will talk about "How to Accelerate Your Startup and Turn it Into a Business" Throughout his 20-years career, Andrei developed a strong passion for People, Operational Excellence and Customer Delight. He likes to see opportunities when everyone else spots challenges, build on strengths, and strategize businesses. Here is a short summary of his talk: "Having a full time job and developing your own business in parallel? Possible. What does a premium desserts business has in common with IT? Quite a lot. Join us and find out how a family turned a hobby that had nothing to do with their day2day jobs into a business with an annual growth rate of 70%-80%. Listen to their story about: (a) how they developed and marketed the products; (b) how they differentiated the brand and increased sales on a very competitive market driven by price; (c) the challenges they had to overcome and mistakes they made as entrepreneurs so you avoid the traps. The sweet business we will be talking about: www.cupcakephilosophy.ro (http://www.cupcakephilosophy.ro/); http://www.facebook.com/cupcakephilosophy " As always in the second part we have Open Space and you are invited to bring your topics about Product Development, Startup Businesses, or anything else related to our topic. Agenda: 18:45 - 19:00 Welcome Product Campers 19:00 - 19:10 Intro 19:10 - 20:10 "Accelerate your startup. Turn it in2 a business" by Andrei Romanescu (http://www.romanescu.com) 20:10 - 20:20 BREAK 20:20 - 21:15 OPEN SPACE See you there! Adrian & Vlad