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What we’re about

This workshop/presentation series will cover design stretching from many areas: UI, UX, Wearables & Fashion, Web, algorithmic e.t.c through short expert talks and interactive design exercises. It will focus on growing fields in technology and how design plays a part in each of them. The free workshops, which are only for students, will meet Mondays at 5:30pm sometimes weekly, sometimes biweekly.

Design is about creating something to achieve a goal. Maybe you want to design an iPhone app to help people eat more healthily. Or maybe you want to create a piece of public policy to make financial markets more stable, or to structure an organization so that it operates more efficiently. Maybe you want to see how code and design are coming together to create user-friendly wearables or interactive installation. 

No matter what your goal, in order to achieve it, you’ll need to generate, implement, and evaluate various ideas and pick the best ones. Then you need to make them work. Design is the science for doing this.