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Sketch and Prototyping 101
Agenda: – The UI: Hidden tools, navigating folder structures and artboards. What's similar, what's different. Shortcuts. – Styles: Text and Shapes when to use them and for what. – Organizing and exporting: Naming conventions and presets. – Symbols Overview: How to create them and when to use them. – Symbols: Resizing and overriding. – Libraries: Sharing Symbols, Styles and files with others designers and developers. – Plugins: Manage and leverage plugins for an efficient workflow (InVision CRAFT) - What is a Prototype? - Discuss why it's good to prototype early and often - Overview the panorama of prototyping tools Share favorite prototyping tools: - Sketch 49.1,InVision, Marvel, Principle for Mac,, ProtoPie, Framer Studio, Launchpad, Fuse and more.


1 TBA · Baltimore, MD