What we're about

This is an informal meetup for product managers (and aspiring product managers) in the 'Tech For Good' community. If you're the kind of product person who wants to focus on maximising positive social impact then this meetup is for you!

There are a lot of us out there in startups, government, charities and social enterprises who want to chat with like minded people about things like:

- Working with startups that are driven by a social mission
- How to manage a focus on social impact alongside revenue generation
- What it's like to work with/for government/charities/non-profits as a product person
- Measuring social impact and using this data to manage strategy / product roadmaps / OKRs
- Scaling up tech for good products (funding/technology/marketing)

If this sounds like you then come join us!

This group was started by @tomcorfield - here's a bit about him:

I'm a tech for good product manager who's worked in edtech and digital campaigning. I'm now Head of Product at Social Finance Digital Labs where we build products that help local government use data more effectively when they make decisions about the lives of vulnerable people. I'm a regular at the excellent Tech for Good meetups and product management meetups like Mind the Product and Jam. I've started Product For Good because I keep meeting likeminded 'product for good' people in lots of random different places and having great conversations. I'd love to bring more of us together!

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