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What we’re about

== What is a maven? ==
A maven is someone who "accumulates knowledge and who has information on a lot of different products or prices or places", according to Malcolm Gladwell, which perfectly fits our diverse group with incredible knowledge and skills!

So, if sharing your product knowledge, exploring new product ideas, testing out new theories, and meeting people from diverse roles in the product ecosystem sounds like your idea of an interesting event, then be sure to RSVP to one of our meetups.

== About Product Mavens ==
Product Mavens has been serving the Sydney product management ecosystem for a decade, providing the highest quality learning and networking for product managers and those who work within the product ecosystem. We are diverse and proud of it.

Its strong, loyal and vocal community consists of product managers and leaders, developers, engineers, architects, designers (UX/UI), business analysts, marketers and more. They come from startups through to some of the largest organisations in the world. Some have spent decades honing thier craft, while others are aspiring to enter the profession. Product Mavens exists to bring you the stories of success and setbacks to help you grow.

Join organiser Alana Fisher-Chejoski and almost 2000 Mavens to be part of Sydney's product community today, and help set the agenda for tomorrow.

Hope to see you there, 
Alana @aussiegoldy
Chief Maven, Product Mavens