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A group for Adelaide people who work in and are interested in digital products. Let's get together, talk shop, and maybe share some knowledge, skills and stories.

This group is open to all product related professions, i.e. development, design, coaching, research, etc.

We are striving for a well rounded and diverse community, because of this we think all members should have input into the direction of this group. If you have any ideas, or would like to contribute in any way, please let us know. This meetup is completely volunteer run.

We also encourage members to join the Aussie Designers Slack channel here: http://aussiedesigners.club

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Product of ADL Meetup - October 2020

The Stag Public House

We're baaack!!! We hope you made it through the past few months safe and sound. We're looking to restart our Product of ADL meetups while it's relatively safe to do so. Please join us for a drink or two as we head back to some normality (at a distance!). If you're new here, welcome to Product of ADL! A monthly meetup group for (digital) product designers. Just turn up, grab yourself a drink and talk product design with some new and familiar faces. If you're into UX, UI, interaction, brand, business strategy, or any of the myriad other topics we love to talk about, you'll fit right in – but even more so if you're into all of the above. Remember to join our Slack here: http://aussiedesigners.club Once accepted, join the channel: #adelaide Hope to see you there! **You'll need to pay for your own food & drinks** Due to Covid restrictions and policies of The Stag, this kick-off event is limited to a booking of 20 people only – please keep your RSVP up-to-date to ensure those who'd like to attend can! We look forward to seeing you there!

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Product of ADL Meetup - March 2020


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