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This is the product management community in Campinas to learn more about breaking into the field, improving your skills and building up your network. We're building the largest community of product managers worldwide and we want you to join us on the journey!

Our speakers are top PMs working at renowned tech companies like Facebook, Google and LinkedIn and other technology startups.

If you’re an aspiring product manager with over 3 years of experience in technology, business or design, join us! These events are also perfect for those starting out and interested in understanding more about the space, networking, learning from professionals or to launch a PM career.

We host various types of events, including:

Product Talks: Workshops led by tech mentors and instructors with years of experience in their field, to present on topics in product management, coding, data, blockchain, digital marketing and many more to help you become a full-stack product manager.

Weekly AMAs: “Ask Me Anything” sessions hosted by experts in the product management space. Every event is a unique and great opportunity to ask any question you’ve had about breaking into product management.

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Desafios de iniciar uma IT Company by Diretor IATec

R. Jasmim, 660

***RSVP on EventBrite: https://prdct.school/3103ZAB *** No meetup Desafios de iniciar uma IT Company, Eliezer Magalhaes, diretor do IATec, vai compartilhar quais foram seus grandes obstáculos de iniciar uma instituição de tecnologia e como ele junto com sua equipe está encontrando as melhores soluções para construir times e produtos vencedores. Sua filosofia de gerenciamento é JUNTOS SOMOS MAIS FORTES. BIO: Fascinado por desafios, Eliezer Magalhães sempre gostou de estar à frente de novas instituições. Já foi convidado para iniciar e diregir uma Universidade, foi líder financeiro e administrativos de diversas oraganizações nos Estados de Minas Gerais, Pará e Amazonas. Hoje trabalha como Diretor Geral do IATec em Hortolândia, e seu sonho é levar a tecnologia como um facilitador para vida de muitos. View the Speaker's LinkedIn (https://www.linkedin.com/in/eliezer-magalhaes-8abb15115/) Get the FREE Product Book here (https://prdct.school/2CMSqF1) -- Please note: - No refunds unless we have fully canceled the event. Date changes are not included. - For additional info or questions, send an email to [masked] . Get Your Tickets (https://prdct.school/3103ZAB) *Entrance not guaranteed without valid ticket from Eventbrite

Webinar: How to Find Solutions to Problems by Shutterfly Sr PM

***RSVP on EventBrite: https://prdct.school/33py7Ho *** *** DISCLAIMER: This event is ONLINE *** Product Management today is the hot trend that everyone wants to be a part of. And there's lots that you can learn from established professionals. So when you're starting out your Product Management career, how should you go about it? What are the key tools you need to consider? Come find out this Thursday with Aaron Orr from Shutterfly, Inc. Main takeaways: -Spend time to find and understand real problems -Know your customer: listening vs. hearing -Facilitate a great solution Meet the Speaker: Aaron Orr Aaron Orr is a Senior Product Manager at Shutterfly, Inc. in Utah. He has previously worked as Product Manager II at Ancestry.com. Aaron became a Product Manager and found that his wide range of skills was a perfect match for a career in product. View the Speaker's LinkedIn (https://www.linkedin.com/in/aaronorr/) Get the FREE Product Book here (https://prdct.school/2CMSqF1) Product School (https://www.productschool.com/?utm_source=eventbrite&utm_medium=events&utm_campaign=EventsPage) is the first technology business school. We provide certified courses in Product Management and other digital skills to professionals across 20 campuses worldwide. We also offer the same courses live online. All courses are taught by real-world product managers working at top technology companies such as Google, Facebook, Slack, Airbnb, LinkedIn, and Netflix. Get Your Tickets (https://prdct.school/33py7Ho) *Entrance not guaranteed without valid ticket from Eventbrite

Podcast: Decoding the Psychological Side of Product by Twitch PM

***RSVP on EventBrite: https://prdct.school/2MRMQFd *** *** DISCLAIMER: This event is ONLINE *** The Product Podcast interview series is back with a brand new season! Featuring 8 of the brightest minds in the Product world, our latest episodes will highlight our guests insights, methods, and strategies that are being used at the top tech companies around the world. Episode 1 This week we kick off the new season with Tarun Gangwani of Twitch. In the first of our eight weekly episodes featuring some of the most notable leaders in product, Tarun unravels the psychological side of user experience, product management, and creating delight by getting into the mind of customers. Meet the Speaker: Tarun Gangwani Tarun is a seasoned Product and Design professional who prides himself on his ability to deliver user-centered solutions for startups as well as well-established enterprises. Today, he leads Product at Twitch, scaling the company’s product opportunities to countless developers every day. View Speaker's Full Profile (http://bit.ly/2Ma2k8e) Get the FREE Product Book here (https://prdct.school/2CMSqF1)

How to Kick Off Initiatives From the Ground Up by Expedia Sr PM

***RSVP on EventBrite: https://prdct.school/2MLN1lp *** https://cdn.evbuc.com/images/67838053/262832883901/1/original.20190807-113941 *** DISCLAIMER: This event is ONLINE *** Product Management is a continuous discovery process. Business strategies evolve, new customer insights unfold, competitive landscape changes. With this ever-changing environment, how do you decide you have learned enough to define an MVP? The key is to identify the common denominator. A common denominator is a fundamental problem or the key technology element that you need no matter what. Once you identify the common denominator, you can establish your first hypothesis. Using this hypothesis, you can define the MVP that will maximize the learning against this hypothesis. Once you equip the engineering team with a well-defined MVP with clear acceptance criteria, you unblock yourself to discover the vNext. In this session, I will share my learning on how to systematically discover the common denominator that helps define the MVP. I will then introduce an opportunity-based prioritization framework to continuously discover and refine the vNext features and help build a product roadmap. Main takeaways: - How to know if you have defined the MVP - How to identify the common Denominator - How to build a roadmap from an opportunity based prioritization framework Meet the Speaker: Yogesh Ratnaparkhi Yogesh Ratnaparkhi is a Senior Product Manager at Expedia Group in Seattle. He has previously worked as Director of Product Management at Limeade. Yogesh became a Product Manager and found that his wide range of skills was a perfect match for a career in product. View the Speaker's LinkedIn (https://www.linkedin.com/in/yogeshratna/) Get Your Tickets (https://prdct.school/2MLN1lp) *Entrance not guaranteed without valid ticket from Eventbrite

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Webinar: How to Find Your Place as a PM by Quadient Dir of PM

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