Product Roadmap Alignment: High to Low


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There is a lot about product roadmaps, and theoretically should be easy to create one and have a scale-up organization completed align. Still, from theory to execution a lot of questions arise: How flexible should be a product roadmap? What is the ideal time frame? How can I give visibility to the right stakeholders? How can I translate product needs from a high-level perspective to the execution level? How can I estimate something I do not know in detail?

These are some of the questions we debate on HUUB, and this presentation intends to share our methodology and how are we doing it, and some of the learnings by taken the current path. I expect to be challenged!

Meet the Speaker: Guilherme Pacheco

Over the past 5 years, I’ve worked in several industries and wore several hats, starting with consulting in strategy and operations to a transition into Project and Product Management in tech-based startups - Veniam, SURFnCODE, and HUUB. This allowed me to work with different sets of strategic goals, execution complexity and countries - from the corporate environment to scaling-up and early-stage startups. On Product, I was lucky enough to work from, product assessment, product discovery and product ownership, dealing with the most incredible ecosystem of people: developers, data scientists, UI|UX designers, marketing, sales, but most importantly the users and the clients.

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