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Product Secrets is a monthly meetup where we invite an expert on a specific topic to teach us their secrets and help people in product development do their jobs better. We think that the best way to solve the challenges that come up in product development are to get everyone involved in a room together - if engineers, designers, and product managers can all have an open conversation together, we think they're much more likely to come up with good ideas.

We were tired of all the meetups we went to being uninspiring and full of recruiters, so we built the meetup we've always wanted. Each month, we host an expert in a specific topic to answer the question "What's your secret?" The goal is to help everyone who attends learn something that can help them take a new skill or idea with them to work the next day. We also have a strong focus on networking, because making connections with other interesting people is where we think most of the value in these meetups lies.

Important: this meetup is for product managers, engineers, designers, and other people actively working on a digital product (support specialists, QA engineers, company founders, etc). To that end:

• Fill out your member profile accurately and completely. As each event fills up and the waitlist grows, we will give priority to people who make it clear what they're doing, what they can contribute, and what they want to learn.

• Recruiters are strictly prohibited from attending. Business development and marketing professionals are welcome to attend if they are interested in product development, but people with a more direct involvement will get priority in the case of an oversold event.

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