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Are you a passionate Product Manager who wants to meet the like, in a structured format? And be mentored on questions that Google can't answer, or get a fresh perspective from outside your company? Join Product Management Advice, 5 Cents, and RSVP now for the next Meetup. Come with questions and leave with an action plan, a new network, and a full stomach.


5:30 pm | Tacos

5:45 pm | People call out the types of problems they want to discuss

5:50 pm | Group into logical clusters

5:55 pm | Mentors each pick a cluster

6:00 pm | Group disperses to the cluster for the problem they want to discuss

6:05 pm | Topics are discussed

6:45 pm | Brief summary of the different action plans by either the mentors or an elected

member of each group.


1. Open Space model, notes on:

a. Use the 'Law of two feet.' If you feel that you are not contributing or benefiting from a

presentation, please feel free to move on to something else.

b. If you have an opposing opinion that needs a full time slot you should feel free to add

your own

c. If you're used to lecturing, pretend you're in the audience. Rest of group can also

refocus by saying “I'd like to hear what everyone else has to say about this."

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