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We are a group of Product People passionate about growing professionally, networking with other Product People, and building the professional community here in Calgary.

We work in industries such as software, technology, consumer packaged goods, and others.

We usually meet on the 3rd Thursday of each month (from September to May).

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A Road to Mapping Roadmaps


A Road to Mapping Roadmaps Have you ever constructed a beautiful roadmap, pristinely refined with every feature detailed and prioritized to perfection? Did you also shift the whole thing a week later after your schedule slipped and customers made some new requests? Roadmapping is an essential part of the Product Management practice, but often misunderstood and a point of frustration. On one end of the spectrum, this document can be a compelling rallying cry for a team, and on the other end, the bane of a company’s existence. Join us, as Colin Chong walks us through his experience with effectively using Roadmaps as a product management tool. You’ll hear about how how simple roadmapping can be, different roadmapping methods, and why you just might skip roadmapping altogether. About the Presenter: Colin Chong is Head of Product, eCommerce at San Francisco-based unicorn AppDirect. His product teams build solutions to challenging monetization problems for companies undergoing digital transformation. He started his career as a business analyst and fell into Product Management while working on a BlackBerry time tracking app. Since then he has honed his craft through multiple product lines, including enterprise chat, search, IoT, data visualization, and multi-sided marketplaces.

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