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ProductCamp Austin (PCA) (http://www.productcampaustin.org/) is for anyone interested in product management and product marketing.

ProductCamp Austin (http://www.productcampaustin.org/) is the premiere event for product management and product marketing professionals. PCA (http://www.productcampaustin.org/) holds two FREE semiannual 'un-conferences' where ~300 product peers gather to share tips, best practices and experiences.

This is a photo from PCA18 held in Feb. 2017


In the above picture PCA speakers are lined up to present their 30sec. session overviews

ProductCamp offers many different formats for interactive presentations. On the morning of the un-conference, participants vote on their top proposals which will then be given slots at the event. At the end of the day, the participants vote to determine who gets the "Best Session" award. PCA provides rich opportunities for Teaching, Learning and Networking and engages over 2,800 professionals from a diverse product management and product marketing community in Austin, TX.

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One of the packed sessions underway at PCA18 held in Feb. 2017


Standing room only at another session underway at PCA18 held in Feb. 2017


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