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Since 2004, Brainmates has been championing the importance of effective Product Management in organisations big and small.

The purpose of this group is to help bring together the growing community of Product Management Professionals and those who want to learn more about this vital function. The Product Management domain touches many areas of an organisation and is misunderstood or poorly defined in many of them.

Great Product Management means great products that customers love and great outcomes for the businesses providing them.

Product Talks Sydney will provide the community with an opportunity to learn from the Brainmates team and other Product Management professionals.

Who Should Join?

Product Management is not a single role. It covers everything from marketing, strategy, finance, development, sales and customer experience.

If you are interested in managing an existing product or developing a new one then this is a great opportunity to meet other professionals and learn from them.

"Product Talks" is also a networking function. We’re keen for Product Managers across different industries to meet up and exchange business cards. You never know where your next job offer will come from.

Please come with strong opinions and a desire to voice them!

Hey, if you are interested in Product Talks, but don't live in Sydney then no problem. Here are some other Meetups specifically for great product people:

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Real world stories and implementations of Design Sprints

Product Talks provides the community with an opportunity to learn from people in Sydney that are working on Product Management and have a keen interest in the topic. In October we are going to have the pleasure to host a Meetup about Design Sprints to discuss when to use them vs when it's not appropriate, what happens after a Design Sprint session, and an opportunity to learn from real world stories of their implementations. Agenda: • 6pm - Welcome and networking • 6.30 - Intro to speakers and panel • 6.40 - Q&A on design sprints • 7.30 - wrap up, more drinks and networking • 8pm - events concludes ----- Discussion Panel: // Jacqui Le Vieux // Jacqui is an experience design lead and design sprint facilitator. She has been working with cross-functional teams for over 10 years and has found a combination of fit-for-purpose and team frameworks. These include variations of the design sprint which has proven to work absolute wonders when trying to get people on board, build a shared understanding of a problem and arrive at a validated conclusion together. She helps clients and enterprises understand complex customer problems and needs, identify business and technology outcomes in order to empower people to work together with these at the centre of their decision making to drive the business value. // Romain Vailleux // "People over processes and tools". Romain Vailleux strongly believes that human organisations are the key to solving the most complex problems at a reasonable overall expense of energy. And he applies his convictions to his various roles as a software delivery team leader and product owner, helping his clients to build better user experience more efficiently. Romain has a Masters degree in software engineering, founded and developed his SaaS company over 6 years before being bought out, and grew his expertise during 4 years as delivery team facilitator, organisational coach and system thinker at OCTO Technology. // Andrew Hew // Andrew is a Product Manager at Willow, with experience creating products in different companies and industries including Woolworths, SBS and Telstra. Andrew runs his own Design Sprint agency - IndiGorilla where he facilitates workshops and trains the Design Sprint process at small and large companies, and has been using and running Design Sprints since 2016. // Larissa Azevedo // Larissa is an executive level digital professional, with 18 years of experience, specifically focused on: Digital Transformation, Innovation, Design Thinking, Service Design, Lean UX, and data-driven decision making. Currently Larissa is exploring the intersection of Design, Machine Learning, and Behavioural Sciences as the new frontier for Digital Experience. ----- Sponsor and venue: to be confirmed soon. Please register your interest and watch this space for an update soon. Keep your Product Fit, and on behalf of the Brainmates team, I look forward to meeting you soon!

Design Sprint Workshop with John Zeratsky!

Saxons Training Facilities - Sydney

In this fun, fast-paced, hands-on workshop, you’ll learn the Design Sprint directly from its creator. John will rapidly lead you through the process, teaching how the various steps fit together and why and how they work. You’ll get tips and tricks beyond the Sprint book, and you’ll learn how to incorporate these techniques into normal meetings. John will give your team a new way of looking at business challenges and the confidence to approach those challenges with renewed energy and optimism. You’ll laugh. You’ll high five. You’ll learn ridiculously useful skills. About John Zeratsky John Zeratsky is the bestselling author of Sprint: How to Solve Big Problems and Test New Ideas in Just Five Days and Make Time: How to Focus on What Matters Every Day. For nearly 15 years, John was a designer for technology companies. At Google Ventures, he helped develop the design sprint process and worked with close to 200 startups, including Uber, Slack, 23andMe, Flatiron Health, One Medical Group, and Nest. For more info about the workshop head over Leading the Product (www.leadingtheproduct.com) or book your ticket on eventbrite at the link below. https://www.eventbrite.com.au/e/leading-the-product-workshops-sydney-tickets-56090490166 Please note that this is a paid event and it will be at a discounted price only for the attendees of LTP Conference (see eventbrite for more info)

Leading the Product Sydney - 2019

ICC Sydney

To get your ticket for Leading the Product 2019, go to: https://www.eventbrite.com.au/e/leading-the-product-sydney-2019-tickets-50853627569 FYI, this event sells out every year! As speakers are announced, we'll update you but make sure you follow @LTP_AUS on Twitter for the latest news! Use this discount code: 'ProductTalks50' to get $50 off your ticket For more details check out https://www.leadingtheproduct.com/. *** By RSVP'ing to this Meetup, you do NOT have a ticket ;) Please purchase via the link above.

Placeholder - November

Needs a location

Product Talks provides the community with an opportunity to learn from people in Sydney that are working on Product Management and have a keen interest in the topic. This is a place holder of this month's event, watch this space for an update soon! Please register your interest and watch this space for an update soon. Keep your Product Fit, and on behalf of the Brainmates team, I look forward to meeting you soon!

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