ProductTank Bern: The influence of Artificial Intelligence on people & products

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ProductTank Bern
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We are proud to be part of the first ever World Product Day on May 23, which will feature an incredible 80+ local, in-person, events right across the world.

Agenda for Bern:

- 5.30 pm: Check-in & Networking

- 6.00 pm: Welcome & Intro with Emily Tate (General Manager at Mind The Product) (Remote Session)

- 6.30 pm: Talk 1 „Machine Learning, Society & Autonomy“ by Raphael Schaad (Designer, Engineer and Innovator, ex Flipboard & MIT Media Lab)

- 7.00 pm: Networking break & Apéro

- 7.15 pm: Talk 2 „Artificial Intelligence or Intelligence Amplification?“ by Amancio Bouza (Principal Consultant at ipt)

- 7.45 pm: Fishbowl discussion with speakers and participants

- 8.15 pm: End of event

Detailed information on the talks:

1) „Machine Learning, Society & Autonomy“

A.I. technologies are improving rapidly, resulting in significant opportunities in machine perception and decision-making capabilities. This raises questions about how these capabilities impact the products we build, our society, and eventually our own autonomy. This talk explores relevant developments in machine learning and what it is capable of now; what the “right level” of automation vs. control is; how to design the human interface to machine learning; what jobs might get automated and why there are still so many jobs; and what aspects of A.I. the author is actually worried about.

Raphael Schaad is a designer and engineer working as freelance software design and innovation consultant. In 2017, Raphael graduated from the MIT Media Lab, where he designed systems with novel interfaces and researched the combination of human and machine intelligence. Previously, Raphael was a designer at the award-winning personal magazine app Flipboard in Silicon Valley and built the popular text editor iA Writer in Tokyo. Originally a graduate in computer science from Switzerland, Raphael returned after six years abroad to start his own venture and to drive innovation with organizations that share his passion for empowering people with technology.

2) "Artificial Intelligence or Intelligence Amplification?"

The hype around AI grows day by day and many people expecting it to automatically get their jobs done. Intelligence amplification (IA) is different and yet based on the same technologies that powers AI. This talk provides product managers and designers practical tips, insights, and mindset to leverage AI or rather IA in products.

Amancio is enthusiastic about AI and API and has over ten years of experience with AI and big data. He's enthusiastic about Lean Startup and is author of the API Product Management book. Amancio works as Principal Consultant at ipt, Innovation Process Technology AG.

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