Product Meetup #7 - A/B testing and Data Analytics (part of World Product Day)

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ProductTank Bratislava Meetup #[masked] at Aston ITM

A/B testing and Data Analytics in Product Management

Róbert Magyar, Data Science Lead @ SuperScale
Martin Rapavý - Consultant @ Aston ITM

About speaker: Róbert decided to change fintech with SuperScale during his data science PhD study. As one of the few in the world, they help gaming companies grow and get their games to the first place with a unique combination of analytics, gaming and monetization design, and performance marketing. Róbert has worked on dozens of gaming projects that have played over 2 billion people and earned over $ 100 million.

Róbert's topics: De-risking SaaS - How to protect your business with AB testing

More about topics: AB tests are one of the most powerful tools of our time, and they are a key tool for sustaining “Software as a Service” and “Game as a Service” business model. AB testing can remove a lot of decision-making uncertainty, demystify the impact of implemented changes, and help organizations focus on results. Róbert will show you some specific case studies where AB testing has helped companies make better decisions and find out what changes have a really positive impact on their business.

About speaker:
Martin is a business consultant and strategist who helps companies do good online. In the past he worked as a web manager at Tatra banka, and today he advises corporations not to look at business corporate eyes.

Martin will not talk about a specific product strategy, but rather he look at the strategist's experience of developing different products (from banking to telco).

After the talks, there will be a time for refreshments, discussion with speakers or casual networking.

We are looking forward to see you there.