Product Meetup #10 - OKRs in Product Management

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ProductTank Bratislava Meetup #[masked]:30 Sygic

Agenda: OKRs in Product Management
Language: Slovak (or English on demand)

Dusan Kocurek: Don't give KO to your OKR right from the start
When I started with OKR three years ago, I thought it wouldn't be difficult. After all, we have set our goals before. But as you say when you think you know something, you usually don't know anything.
Agile product development management certainly helps, but if the product team, its client and management do not know what to achieve and how much to achieve, then all those agile buzzwords can be swept straight from the table. Sorry, from the backlog.
It is interesting to watch as the teams we work with repeat the same mistakes. Flaws that bring the product to the border where KO is a salvation. Even the examples of OKR available today will lead you wrong. Come to learn about these mistakes so that KO becomes OK thanks to OKR.
Dušan started in IT in 1997 as a developer in the team that formed the system for crisis management of the Slovak Republic. When he met Agile in 2007, he started producing a small team with ScrumDesk, the fifth agile project management tool on the global market.
Today ScrumDesk is used in both the commercial and academic worlds by 20k + companies, as it provides meaningful practices and allows you to manage development from goals to daily tasks transparently.
Dušan is a consultant and trainer for agile technicians who, with his consulting team, accompanied dozens of companies in Slovakia, the Czech Republic and international companies.

Michal Blažej: 5 iterations through which we have learned to define and achieve the company's goals
Michal is a usability expert and UX certified holder from the Nielsen Norman Group. He co-founded and runs the Lighting Beetle * design studio, where he, together with 40 colleagues, helps globally important companies create clear products and services.
In large companies such as Dôvera, Tatra banka and HB Reavis he helps with the implementation of a user-centric approach. He regularly leads UX seminars and workshops under the auspices of LB * or the Slovak User Experience Association.

Lubo Drobny: Good, bad and ugly, concrete examples of OKRs in product development within Slido Slovakia
Lubo programmed for 15 years and 7 years ago he took up management. Currently as Head of Engineering in Slido.

After the talks, there will be a time for refreshments, discussion with speakers or casual networking.

We are looking forward to see you there.