ProductTank Bristol #15 - WORLD PRODUCT DAY 🎉

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It's that time of year again when we celebrate WORLD PRODUCT DAY!

And we have an extra special / fun format that we are planning.

6pm: Arrive for drinks and networking
7pm: We will all be doing 3 lightning workshops based around product management; expect fun, learning, post its and more fun
8.30pm: Gather for a de-brief and then more drinks and networking
9.30pm: Anyone who wants to continue the conversation can head to the local pub

Please, please ensure you keep your RSVP up to date at all times! We really don't want to turn anyone away.

Workshop 1: Bodystorming - Lead by Shuyang Lin

How could we prototype without using any masking tape, paper or post-it notes? You would be surprised how much we can achieve using what we are born with – our bodies. “Bodystorming” is a fun and earth-friendly prototyping exercise that blends improv performance techniques with the design process. In this lightning workshop we will all have a taste of how to use our bodies to prototype ideas out from abstract to tangible levels.

Shuyang Lin is an interaction designer, currently at Cookpad, interested in areas where design overlaps with ethics, policy making and artificial intelligence.

Workshop 2: Impact mapping - visualising scope and assumptions - Lead by Beth Rowe

Impact mapping is a tool used to help Product Managers align their projects to business objectives, and visualise project scope and assumptions. Use this handy tool in board meetings to illustrate what your project might deliver back to the business and how you intend to prove it out.

Beth is an implementation consultant at Muddy Boots where they build software for the food supply chain that gives you transparency from grower to retailer.

Workshop 3: User Story Mapping - Discover the whole story, build the right product - Lead by Nick Forsberg

Join Nick on a fast paced 15-minute space journey into learning why User Story Mapping is a simple but effective way to discover, visualise, explore, validate and describe the problem you're facing.

Nick currently works at Candide as a Product Owner and has over 18 years of experience delivering tech product to market. Leading cross-functional product teams within two of Deloitte’s top 50 fastest growing tech companies.

We're lucky enough to have sponsorship from Quadrotech and Cookpad which has enabled us to hold the event at the lovely Runway East bar and provide some free party drinks and some great food!

Quadrotech provide Migration, Reporting and Management Services for Microsoft Office 365. Using Quadrotech’s SaaS platform, businesses can gain deep insights into how their employees use Office 365, and can take actions directly from reports, charts and analytics dashboards to resolve problems or find cost optimisations. They are a team of 140 worldwide, with 90+ developers, led from their office at Desklodge in Bristol. Over 6 million users keep data in their platform and their largest partners have over 1,000 customers each! Pretty impressive reach!

Cookpad is a tech company building a community platform for people to share recipe ideas and cooking tips. They believe that cooking is the key to a happier and healthier life for people, communities and the planet. With a global HQ in Bristol, Cookpad is on a mission to build an incredible team that creates amazing products.

When we confirm workshops, we'll add the detail here.

Look forward to seeing you soon!