ProductTank DFW - The Craft of Empathy by Mike Kendall

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Great solutions start with deep empathy for customers. In this talk you will learn practical methods and tools for gathering deep empathy and how to discern actionable insights.

Don't miss this talk on how to gather deep empathy for your customers. Mike is going to send you home with actual tools that you can take back to your teams and put in practice. See below for a brief bio on Mike.

Additionally, this ProductTank is going to be sponsored by! Pendo helps you better understand your users and create experiences that your users can't live without. The Pendo team will be onsite to show you how to transform your product into a product that people love.

Mike Kendall
CX Lead & Senior Impact Coach, Moves The Needle

Leverating over 25 years of driving transformation inside loyalty-leading companies like Intuit, Capital One, Citigroup, and Humana, Mike Kendall (@DelightApostle) brings expert Customer Experience, Design, & Innovations methods, mindsets, and knowledge to organizations around the world.