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Product Therapy with Dean Peters

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Have you ever noticed that the networking portions of product meetups and unconferences sometimes devolves into group therapy? Do you find yourself sometimes feeling isolated or powerless as you observe unhealthy product practices? You are not alone! The fact is that all of us in product management feel frustrated and confused by some of the chaos we deal with in our corporate settings.

That’s the purpose of our upcoming session titled ‘Software Product Therapy’, where together we’ll poke fun at our pain points while sharing with each other how we cope with some of the chaos that drives us crazy … or at least learn how to laugh at it.

And that's not all! To get the ball rolling, I’ve set up a both Trello Board where you can post pain points you want to talk about. The board has also been equipped with the ‘Voting Power-up’ so you can vote on other entries you’d like to discuss:

If you would rather remain anonymous, I’ve set up the following Google form where I will go ahead and enter what’s bugging you unnamed on your behalf:

You bet we’re going to have some fun! But I’m also hoping that this time together will help us realize what an awesome support system in one another as we deal with some pretty wacky product stuff from time-to-time.

Dean Peters is a product manager and recovering developer with a secret past life as an opera singer. He brings with him a broad range of experiences in areas of technology in both startup and enterprise settings. Prior to joining Citrix, Dean founded the original product team at SchoolDude, lead mobile development at McClatchy, and most recently served in the capacity of product manager at Aprimo in their implementation of search technologies while transitioning their on-prem clientele to SaaS. Prior to these experienced, Dean led the development of biometric and GIS solutions at Westat for the CDC’s NHanes program and at CDSI for INS and Border Patrol systems. Dean holds a masters of computer science from Hood College and a bachelors in music from East Carolina University.