#5 ProductTank Split | Lukáš Brázdil (Kiwi.com)

ProductTank Split
ProductTank Split
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The fall season of the ProductTank Split meetup is about to begin! 🎉

All product people are welcome to join our next event for an experience-based & customer driven session with Lukáš Brázdil, Product Manager at Kiwi.com 🥝.

Kiwi is a 1,500+ employee strong travel company with operations across the globe. One of their biggest challenges is to maintain a rapid growth rate. To keep their customers satisfied and their customer support “crew” sustainable, they need to automate as much as possible.

At the upcoming ProductTank Split meetup, Lukas will talk about how they maintain constant growth while using automatic solutions for travel disruptions - like canceled flights and departure time changes.

Utilizing automatization, without doubt, yields higher productivity, reliability, availability, and increased performance at reduced operating costs.

Come open minded and join us at the upcoming meetup to hear more about automatization know-how!

6:00 pm - 6:30 pm --- Warming up!
6:30 pm - 7:15 pm --- Lukáš Brázdil (Kiwi.com)
7:15 pm - 🍕🍻 --- Networking & fun :)

*** Lukáš currently works at Kiwi.com as a Product Manager with development teams to automate processes to help maintain the fast, sustainable growth of the company and keep customers happy.

Lukáš studied economics and information technology in Brno and Valencia. After studying, he did an internship at a London-based startup. During school, he started working in information technology and tried web development, SEO, and online marketing, but he found his passion in managing teams towards a common goal.

He has an entrepreneurial mindset and loves traveling, technology, and sport, also firmly believes that Brno (Czech Republic) is a new Silicon Valley :)