#9 ProductTank Split | Tonći Jajić (Typeqast)

ProductTank Split
ProductTank Split
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Hello Product Community!

🔥You've probably all heard of an expression: "Grow fast or die - slow!".

Fast company growth, both in talents and projects, comes with its own set of challenges. The common pitfall among all is:

⚠️How to remain true to what you are as an organization and how to pass on that vision, values, and culture to both current and future members?

Our next guest Tonći Jajić will share how Typeqast team, in the quest to find answers to common challenges, dug even deeper and learned:

💡How to discover who you are on an organic, grassroots level?
💡How to properly codify the discovery and align the entire organization to that?

Also, Tonći will explain the importance of the continuous and active discovery of everyday working challenges and we will hear more about their famous "The Typeqast Way" initiative for success & stable growth.


🔜Join us in little more than two weeks, Thursday 23, 2020 to hear a brief growth story - the Typeqast way.

6:00 pm - 6:30 pm --- Warming up!
6:30 pm - 7:15 pm --- Tonći Jajić (Typeqast)
7:15 pm - 🍕🍻 --- Networking & fun :)

See you in two weeks and don't forget to bring a colleague with you 😉

*** Tonći is a Senior Agile Advocate at Typeqast. In his day-to-day, he’s managing one of the company’s longest-standing projects and, at times, few greenfield MVP products. Parallel to that, he’s spearheading the company’s push for cultural and process alignment by being the driving force behind its "The Typeqast Way" initiative.

In his off time, he’s battling Agile misconceptions with an agile mindset and promoting buzzwords like Lean, empowerment, Dateless Delivery, and similar to all willing to listen 😎.