Product Tank January - Running product discovery


** ProductTank January - Running product discovery**

This month's ProductTank is focusing on product discovery, with our speakers talking about problems with product discovery, making product decisions through UX research and getting to product market fit.

This event has been curated by ProductTank co-organizers Sian Jones & Magda Coutts


Navin Nair, Founder and Chief Product Officer at London Product Group

Product Management has come a long way since the early days when we were little more than glorified task schedulers. We all know how important product discovery is, yet products and features still fail, despite all that good discovery work. In his talk, Navin will look at some of the vital activities that most product teams still miss, and how to understand the difference between the problem and the solution.

Navin is an ex-developer who unwittingly fell into Product Management and has loved it ever since. Over the last few years, Navin has gone from leading product teams to coaching founders and product leaders, from large companies to early-stage startups and everything in between.

John Pagonis, UX Lead at the Mortgage Works

How do we make decisions about the product backlog? John will discuss crafting evidence-based product backlogs in enterprise and startup environments. He will talk about UX research for product design and the UXer - PO dynamics.

John is a UX researcher and software production coach who helps teams produce useful software. He assists organisations discover what they really ought to focus on by leveraging UX design and Scrum. His specialty lies with UX research, Scrum coaching, requirements elicitation, requirements management, product discovery and the integration of UX design into agile software production.

Janna Bastow, Co-founder and CEO of ProdPad

Janna discusses how the concept of product market fit can be a bit of an illusion, and offers tips on how to reach and measure PMF so that you can begin to grow and scale.

Janna comes from a user-centric design background and has extensive experience building products in the digital space. As a product manager always looking for better tools, she co-founded ProdPad, product management software that helps you manage your roadmap and your product backlog.

6:30 - Doors & free bar open
7:00 - Talk starts
8:10 - Q&A
8:30 - Talks Finish
9:00 - Close