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For our next meeting on October 3rd, we'll have two amazing speakers. Betsie Hoyt, Product Manager at Vacasa, and Colin Murphy, Product Consultant at MOJO PSG. Their talks will help you up your game as a PM and give you tools to move ahead. See you there!

A tale of two MVPs by Betsie Hoyt, Product Manager at Vacasa

I’ll share with you a tale of two minimum viable products (MVPs) and the lessons that smacked me across the head along the way. What goes into planning and plotting out a minimal viable product? Why would you want one? And what happens next.

Betsie Hoyt has accumulated over 15 years of experience in product management for mobile web and apps and has a spectacularly fun time doing it. She has worked as a senior mobile product manager in a variety of industries including vacation rentals, online dating, energy, telecom, and non-profit healthcare. At Vacasa, she puts her consumer-facing software expertise to work by developing Vacasa’s cohesive app strategy using analytics and customer research to guide her way.

How we tried to save students money - but also make it - at Chegg by Colin Murphy, Product Consultant at MOJO PSG

In this talk I’ll share stories from the trenches at Chegg, the largest direct-to-student platform in the country that reaches over 50% of college students. How we tried to balance customer and shareholder value and what we learned about technology in education, subscription models, balancing profit with students’ best interest and more...

Colin Murphy consults with a range of clients from startups to global brands like Bacardi and Prudential on product strategy, discovery and delivery. He’s bounced between Portland and the Bay Area at companies in e-commerce, enterprise software and, most recently, ed-tech. Like many a PM, he found his way to product through a mish-mash of roles in bus dev, customer success, marketing and more. Outside of web things he keeps busy with his family, two labs, and anything with a motor.