What we're about

First there was Hardware.
Then came Software.
Now, it’s all about Product of Things (http://productofthings.com/): Hardware and Software combined in the era of products, when product is more than its tech.

Product of Things is a unique guild for HW and SW Product Management enthusiasts dealing with the challenges of creating products in the IoT domain and its enablers: robotics, AR/VR, 3D printing, drones and many more.

We came to the idea of creating this meetup group after being frustrated for not having a place to learn about the unique challenges of Product Management for tangible products. There are problems that all of us Product Managers deal and struggles with every day. But unfortunately, we don’t utilize this knowledge to benefits others. While there are meetups for the PMs work with digital products, no one deals with the unique process of creating the magic behind a product you can grab, feel and hopefully, enjoy.

Visit us at productofthings.com !

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