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Products That Count is one of the largest and undoubtedly the most influential global network of product managers. Over 200,000 product managers globally read, watch and listen to our 3,000+ blog posts, videos and podcasts. Thousands attend our 50+ events a year. Over 10,000 C/VP-level product executives such as the Netflix Product VP, Coinbase CPO, and Box CPO share their best practices on what it takes to build great products. Hundreds join the product conversation at our invite-only executive product salons; many agree to shape the product conversation by giving insightful talks and interviews; some chose to drive the product conversation by leading local chapters and podcast shows. Leading brands such as Autodesk, Capital One, and mParticle partner with Products That Count to build their influence, network and market superiority. Learn more at www.productsthatcount.com (https://productsthatcount.com/).

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Ahead of Product Co-Founder & Coach on Scalable Leadership Frameworks

*** We care about your health and want everyone healthy and thriving in their product roles. The recent spread and threat of COVID-19 are forcing some live event changes across the globe. Thankfully, we've put the wheels in motion for attendees to video-in via a webinar. ***

WEBINAR: Ahead of Product Co-Founder & Coach on Scalable Leadership Frameworks

Navigating the Product Management journey can be a very frustrating experience. Many of us get stuck in the shoes of a Sr. Product Manager longer than necessary, while only a handful of us get a lucky ticket to leadership by chance or design. So, how do we ensure we are on the path to leadership? Ahead of Product co-founder and coach, Katerina Suchkova, shares insights on scalable leadership frameworks to start thinking like a leader.

About The Speaker: Katerina works with individual clients looking to level up their careers and craft as product managers and leaders. She partners with product organizations that are looking to create a scalable career ladder and PM competencies framework, establish successful remote hiring practices and build a strong team in a hybrid working environment.

RSVP and get your tickets here: https://bit.ly/3mKtDGr

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