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If you are single parent with a full time career, like me you know it comes with its own unique challenges especially when it comes to having a social life or networking! Work socials and networking are difficult because they are usually on a school night and weekend socials with friends are a struggle for childcare which is costly. And there’s the guilt of having your kids spend even more time with childminders instead of with you! You end up turning things down so often that you stop getting invited! The aim of this group is to create get togethers where the kids can also attend with you, I’m thinking business networking, ideas sharing, discussion groups and even just social get togethers on weekend evenings at kid friendly venues. I want to be able to do these things with my child with me, not having to offload them to yet another childminder and I am hoping to find like minded people who might benefit from this set up!

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Pub and Play meet-up. Kids welcome

The Stonemasons Arms

Hi, one of our lovely members suggested this pub for our next meet up. The Stonemasons Arms is newly refurbished with an enclosed outdoor area and new kids play equipment and space to run around while we can (hopefully) sit outside for a drink and chat! Selfishly it’s near where I live again, but happy to take suggestions for the next meet up venue! I will check the weather a few days before and if it looks bad we can switch venues to one a couple of miles away which has an indoor kids area including gaming zone (Bramley Farm pub in Altrincham). But hopefully it will be fair weather and we can sit out and catch up. It’s so nice to socialise with other single working parents who actually get each other’s situations! Hope a few of us can make it. I will also set it up on the meet-up group but hoping to close that soon! Also don’t forget to join the Facebook group as I will close this page down soon. You can find it on the discussion posts x

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