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Calling all Women with Voices (yes, you)

Who we are: A group of women who have something valuable to say, always – WE define, create, and express that value, through the power of our own voices.

Our mission: Grow the number of women who realize, our voices are the single most powerful tool we already have – and then get them to master it.

How we work: Every 2 weeks, we practice taking up SPACE, and a lot of it. We stand up and share stories, including the ridiculous, deeply vulnerable, and ones we just made up on the spot. We celebrate the good and the average, and support each other as we embrace the space we take up and the value we bring to the room.

This is for me if: You want to improve every single relationship in your life, by developing the voice that will communicate your wants, your needs, your beliefs, your mission, your next steps.

Before I join a session I should: Imagine how awesome it would feel to regularly hang out with a group of women dedicated to improving themselves.

I should bring: A pen, some paper, and a place to rest your fears while you’re inside. They’ll feel out of place very quickly at these sessions.

But seriously, I should expect: To feel really, really good after each session. To join a group of women who stand up and say silly things, and then laugh together. To walk away realizing you have a lot of value to bring and that it’s your job to speak up and add that value, even when you think you should stay quiet.

Is everybody so good that I’ll look ridiculous: Ridiculous is staying quiet because you’re scared to speak up. There’s nothing ridiculous about owning your voice and taking proactive steps to mastering it, ever; that’s the definition of awesome.

Will you ever be serious, Elizabeth: I try not to be. Life’s serious enough. Come join us in the fun.

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