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I'm a certified yoga instructor and a professional researcher in medical field. In my spare time, I like going to gym and do some weight lifting to stay strong and fit. I read a great book called "6 weeks to a Hollywood body" recently. I'm totally convinced by the author Steve Zim and I can't wait to share the secrets of the stars with you. The most important point is, I would love to embody the philosophy of Hollywood body and Hollywood mindset with you. Another benefit you would get from this group is you will be qualified to be private instructor.

You will be the right person in this group, if

1. you are looking for a partner to stay motivated.
2. you want to have a Hollywood body.
3. you want to be a pro in self-training, more specifically in eccentric training.
4. you are struggling with keeping fit. We could help each other in tracking the progress and doing scientific analysis.

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