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Profs and Pints ( https://www.profsandpints.com ) brings professors and other college instructors into bars, cafes, and other venues to give fascinating talks or to conduct instructive workshops. They cover a wide range of subjects, including history, politics, popular culture, horticulture, literature, creative writing, and personal finance. Anyone interested in learning and in meeting people with similar interests should join. Lectures are structured to allow at least a half hour for questions and an additional hour for audience members to meet each other. Admission to Profs and Pints events requires the purchase of tickets, either in advance (through the Brown Paper Tickets link provided in event descriptions) or at the door to the venue. Many events sell out in advance, and tickets for Cambria Hotel talks can be purchased only online and in advance. Your indication on Meetup of your intent to attend an event constitutes neither a reservation nor payment for that event.

Although Profs and Pints has a social mission--expanding access to higher learning while offering college instructors a new income source--it is NOT a 501c3. It was established as a for-profit company in hopes that, by developing a profitable business model, it would be able to spread to other communities much more quickly than a nonprofit dependent on philanthropic support. That said, it is welcoming contributions (separate from any ticket purchases) to help cover its advertising costs as it seeks to build up audiences large enough to sustain itself in various cities. All money contributed to this group will be spent on advertising and promotion to reach larger audiences.

Thank you for your interest in Profs and Pints.


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Learn about Hell Gardens, ghost meditation, and other spooky Eastern practices

Cambria Hotel Philadelphia Downtown Center City

Profs and Pints presents: “Horror in the East,” a look at truly frightening Buddhist beliefs and rituals, with Justin McDaniel, professor of religious studies at the University of Pennsylvania, founder of the Penn Ghost Project, and former Buddhist monk. [Advance tickets available at https://profspintsboo.brownpapertickets.com ] Westerners often regard Buddhism as a religion of peace, meditation, and compassion. While this is often true, it ignores the horrific and phantasmagoric side of many Buddhist rituals and beliefs. Those include practices such as meditating on corpses, strolling through giant Hell Gardens filled with terrifying images, and telling stories about haunting and highly sexualized ghosts. It’s no wonder that Buddhist countries produce some of the most violent horror films in the world. Join Professor McDaniel for an entertaining and visual talk looking at the ways in which Buddhists in Japan, Thailand, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Singapore, and other places embrace the macabre. You’ll leave with a much richer understanding of Buddhism and the cultures and worldviews that gave rise to horror movies that can scare the wits out of you. Dr. McDaniel has lived a life that gives him distinct expertise on this subject matter. He has published award-winning books on meditation, ghosts, and Buddhist literature, studies Buddhist art, and translates Buddhist manuscripts. He lived for many years in Southeast Asia, where he conducted research as a Fulbright Fellow, taught and translated, and became a Buddhist monk. He also regularly gives cemetery tours and founded the Penn Ghost Project, an interdisciplinary effort to study beliefs in spirits from the beyond. At Penn he has long waiting lists for his courses such as "Living Deliberately" and "Existential Despair," and he recently launched the on-line course "Gods, Ghosts, and Monsters." Hearing him speak will be a Halloween-season treat. The talk will be staged at the Cambria Hotel Philadelphia Downtown Center City, part of the national Cambria Hotels group, through a collaboration between Cambria Hotels and Profs and Pints intended to expand access to higher learning in Philadelphia and other American cities. (Tickets are $12 and must be purchased in advance. Listed time is for doors and talk starts 30 minutes. Please give yourself sufficient time to place any orders and get seated and settled in.)

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