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Introduction to Programming Money
Welcome to our very first Introductory Meetup. Come to learn how to program Ethereum Smart Contracts and code yourself out of poverty. #MoneyMondays This is our first meetup for 2019. Check out the official documentation for the curriculum:

Starfish Mission

1535 Mission St. · San Francisco, ca

What we're about

Welcome to the Programmable Money. This is a hands-on Meetup. Please bring your laptop if you want to code along.

Notes and Living Document on Github:

Tentative schedule

First Monday: Introduction to Solidity and Smart Contracts - Deploy your own Coin

Second Monday: Ethereum Blockchain Transactions Fundamentals

Third Monday: Web3JS aka enough Javascript to be dangerous

Fourth Monday: Writing Secure Smart Contracts

Fifth Monday: Dapp Frontends, Deployments, and a dash more Javascript

Sixth Monday: What to build?Monday Break: Special Guests

"Programmable money" is one shorthand example for smart contracts. As a simple example, you could create a payroll smart contract that pays a fixed amount of coins/tokens/whatever at a certain time each month to a given ERC20 compliant address. -- Hacker News

I believe that smart contracts are amazing and we should get this knowledge to as many people as possible so they can start experimenting. We are a hands-on workshop on how to program cryptocurrencies, crypto collectibles, blockchains, smart contracts and much more.


For entry-level workshops, any portable computer will do because we will be strictly working in the browser. For more advanced sessions you will, unfortunately, need a Mac OSX or a Linux computer if you want to follow along. We don't want to discourage anybody from coming but please be aware that you might only be able to get limited help from your overall peers.

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