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The purpose of this group is to inspire our children (ages 8-16 yrs) to develop real tangible software programming skills.

The strategy of this group is to give the children the required structure, mentorship (via a professional software engineer), and friends with similar interests to build and keep their interest in learning the programming skills that can benefit their future careers. The programming exercises are designed in a way that makes computer programming fun and tangible to them. All the exercises are done using the Python programming language which is one of the most useful and relevant computer science skills today. This meetup is 100% free. Just bring your laptop and eager children!

There are two tracks: BEGINNER & INTERMEDIATE

The BEGINNER track curriculum introduces the kids to the fundamentals of programming including using an editor, compiling/running code, variables, strings, math operations, comparisons, conditional logic, loops, debugging, input/output, and good commenting style. These fundamental skills are built through custom designed lessons which build upon each other from meeting to meeting.

The INTERMEDIATE track curriculum is based on the book "Invent Your Own Computer Games with Python" (https://inventwithpython.com/inventwithpyth... (https://inventwithpython.com/inventwithpython_3rd.pdf)) which challenges the students to combine their knowledge from the BEGINNER track in meaningful ways to construct working code. In this track the kids will aspire to author code that realizes a game program. The kids will be introduced to deeper applications of input/output, logic, storing and managing persistent data, and best practices in code organization and code maintainability.

As a parent, we will give you tips on how to influence your child to develop their technical talents even if you are completely non-technical. A parent can have a very significant influence on their children's academic development. We'll equip you with some tips and resources to understand how.

Note: No one with anonymous profiles will admitted to this group. Because all our children will be in the class together with the parents, everyone coming to the group will be asked to sign in with their full names, addresses, and contact info so that all parents are aware of who everyone is during the meetings.

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Python Programming - Virtual Meeting

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