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What we're about

To help coordinate and facilitate NYC trainings in preparation for the mid-term elections, we are organizing a series of weekly or biweekly trainings and convenings on Monday nights -- Progressive Action Night.

The goal of the series, based on Progressive Hack Night (http://www.progressivehacknight.org/), will be to systematize, coordinate, and maximize the effectiveness training opportunities and actions for volunteers and organizations looking to mobilize volunteers for the midterm elections.

During these nights, our venue will be available to organizations and volunteers looking to do “afterwork activism” -- volunteers who want to stop by, grab a snack, get trained, learn how to plug in, and do some work.

• Offer a clear calendar of trainings and on-site actions (textbanks, poster-making, etc.)
• Create a network of trainings and actions for organizations
• Plug volunteers quickly and efficiently into organizations
• Allow organizers opportunities to meet and strategize

Organizing Partners

• Progressive Hack Night (http://www.progressivehacknight.org/)

• New York Civic Engagement Table (https://www.facebook.com/nycivicengagement/)

• Action Groups Network (http://actiongroups.net/)

• New Wave Coalition

• Get Organized Brooklyn (https://getorganizedbk.org/)

• Working Families Party (http://workingfamilies.org/states/new-york/)

• True Blue Coalition (https://makenytrueblue.org/)

• Action Together Network (http://www.actiontogethernetwork.org/)

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Progressive Action Night


Phonebanking for the Primaries!


Progressive Action Night


Progressive Action Night


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