What we're about


We are a community of folks who are social justice, progressive change, democratic action, and human rights focused. You might be a veteran social movement organizer, a new entrant into the political arena (because of Trump), someone with a heart for the poor and marginalized, or anything in between! We hope to nurture those passions by providing you with a group of tight-knit, like-minded friends striving for a better world.

This group will hopefully fill the gap of spaces for such folks to just make friends in between individual pursuits and social movements, and connect those of us who might feel siloed in to the respective areas that we are most passionate about.


We strive to create an inclusive, respectful environment where all of our members feel welcome and happy. Be open and friendly to your fellow members, especially the new members. We encourage you to invite your friends -- join old connections with new ones.


Currently, the group is catered to those between the ages of 21-32, as this will allow the creation of a variety of quality events without excess variables.

If you hear of something fun going on in the community (a speaker, festival, march, protest, etc) but aren't an organizer, please feel free to put it in the group discussion so an organizer can create an official event for it!

Some events will be unlimited (open), while others will have a cap on attendance (closed).

Only RSVP if you truly intend to attend an event. Members who immediately sign up to hold a spot only to eventually back out are preventing other members to make plans and attend an event.
RSVP YES is a commitment to participate in an event. We understand circumstances that prevent attendance may happen. Please update your RSVP by the EVENT CLOSE DATE or with at least 24 HOURS of advance notice as common courtesy and respect of organizers and other members who are signed up or on the waitlist for the event.

For emergency last minute cancellations and to prevent NO SHOW, notify the Event Organizer either by posting a comment or contacting the Organizer. After 3 NO SHOWs, you will be contacted and may be removed from the group.

Here are some of the awesome events we are planning:
* Cocktail hour/dinners/brunch
* Hiking, biking, time in nature
* Overnight camping trips or Tahoe trip
* Speakers/protests/rallies
* Election Volunteer work (canvassing, phonebanking, postcarding, get out the vote)
* Documentaries/movie nights/comedy night/ improv
* Game night/bowling
* Mind and body wellness

Organizers: Please let me know if you want to be an organizer! We'd love to have lots of folks organizing events :)

A few disclaimers:
*This is not a debate meetup. If you intend to come in having political/human rights debates as your primary interaction with other members, please join a debate group.
*Discrimination on the basis of Race, Color, Sex, Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity, National Origin, Disability, Veteran status, and other factors will not be tolerated, as well as anti-women's rights/equality sentiments, and you will be promptly removed from the group
*This is YOUR group as much as it is ours. If any member is made to feel threatened, harassed, or uncomfortable by another member, please inform the organizers

Upcoming events (2)

Silicon Valley and the Challenge of Ethics - A Lecture at SCU

Santa Clara University

Location: Santa Clara University, Charney Hall of Law, Room 103 Register here: https://www.scu.edu/events/?fbclid=IwAR0q87JWjQ6rByUBoTfTNNO39LSFZ14HQa5ETb1uOExex-w5Ax2gduaW71s#!view/event/event_id/79696 From the Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/297374894220010/ New York Times tech columnist Kara Swisher will speak on the unprecedented ethical challenges facing Silicon Valley. Many commentators have said that Silicon Valley today faces its greatest ethical challenge ever. But no commentators have been on top of this story as much as Kara Swisher, the celebrated tech journalist who played herself in an episode of the HBO series “Silicon Valley” and whose work has long drawn national attention. The Ethics Center is delighted to have Swisher as our distinguished Regan Lecturer for the[masked] academic year. The 2016 election was a watershed moment for ethics and Silicon Valley. Before then, the Valley prided itself on facilitating connectivity and organizing information as steps in service to social good. But the election revealed an unseen dark heart also at work in this. Russian intelligence operatives gamed Facebook to spread disinformation. Bots on Twitter instantly spread lies to millions. Huge data breaches surrendered the privacy of millions. Even the primary business model of Silicon Valley – you give us your data; we’ll give you the power of technology – has been called sharply into question on ethical grounds. And these are only some of the ethical challenges that have arisen in an industry at the heart of global politics, economics, and culture. Swisher’s talk promises to be a special occasion for the public to reflect on what has brought Silicon Valley to this point and what the prognosis is for its ethical future. Co-sponsored by the High Tech Law Institute of the Santa Clara University School of Law and the Commonwealth Club Silicon Valley. The Regan Lectures are funded by the New York Life Insurance Company in honor of William Regan III.

ACLU 100th Anniversary Tour


The ACLU is touring America for their 100th anniversary! This is an awesome two-day, all day long event that the ACLU will be putting on in Oakland (exact location TBD). 12 pm is currently a placeholder since the programming, speakers, and activity highlights haven't been released yet. As we get more details, I'll add a more specific meet-up plan :) Register here: https://www.aclu100.org/location/oakland-ca/ Highlights: A Multi-City Exhibition on Your Rights and Freedoms Engage with the biggest fights for freedom now. Walk through groundbreaking interactive exhibits. Meet leading activists in civil rights. Amplify your voice and connect with others who share a desire to create a more just society.

Past events (5)

Organizer Meeting - Thai Food Dinner

Siam Royal Authentic Thai

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