What we're about

Are you a parent or educator who challenges traditional ways?

Do you have the hindsight and foresight to break unhealthy patterns that have been passed down from generation to generation?

Are you frequently misunderstood and judged by familiy, friends, the school system and society for your unconventional approach to parenting and/or teaching?

Whether you have a clear sense of where you are going or you feel like you have no idea what you are doing, if you are choosing to pave your own path rather than do what's always been done, you are a progressive parent and/or evolved educator.

Being a forerunner can be a lonely and confusing journey. The reason it's so challenging is because you are creating a new paradigm while still living in the old one. Not only are you working to uplevel the experience for the next generation, but you are unravelling your own conditioning at the same time.

You may find yourself on an endless search for "better" methods. But when some of these progressive strategies don't work as well as promised, you might begin to doubt yourself and consider reverting to the old ways.

The intention for this group is to provide progressive parents and evolved educators a space to:

- gain clarity and confidence to commit to your vision for yourself, your kids and/or students and for the world

- receive support and resources around how to practically address the very real challenges of parenting and educating kids in a new way while still living in "the real world"

- share triumphs and challenges and develop connections with like-minded parents and educators

We will have weekly meetups online and monthly meetups in person. Each week we will discuss a different topic related to the issues that are most relevant to our members.

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