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Are you still Feeling the Bern? Perhaps now more than ever? Are you interested in the progressive ideas raised during Bernie Sanders presidential campaign? Want to talk more about those ideas, how to build a movement, and bring about the political revolution he spoke of? Then come join the rest of us!

The issues & ideas he brought to the forefront energized young and old alike. The election may be over, but the work of building a movement to bring about that reality is just beginning. Whether you are ready to actively engage in actionable work sessions, Berning to hit the streets in a local march, or just want to stay connected with others through progressive social events; If progressive politics are your shtick... then these are the events for you. I believe the first step to becoming engaged begins with meeting like minded individuals. Its is my hope this meetup group will become a social mechanism for those wanting to become politically active, to meet and learn along side others who already are or have been.
Regardless if your desire is to grow an existing 3rd party, change the Democratic Party from within, or build a new 99% party. Whether you're interests lay in peaceful activism and protesting, working the electoral & legislative process, or even the judicial process. Successful movements have inevitably required all-inclusive approaches. This is the place for organizers to post their events, and for others to find and attend those events.

The progressive events listed on this site include: social gatherings, rally's, marches, work groups, stratagy sessions, symposiums, public meetings...

Let's list your progressive group or organization's events here as well

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