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Summer has arrived! We hope you can join us for a hands on volunteer experience in our community. The Beaumont Center is an adult rehabilitation center for Worcester county elders. We will be spending time with elders that enjoy a hand to hold, a story to tell, and they're ready to share a heart of gold.

I have many friends here that love holding my hand and spending time with me. They really enjoy the personal attention. I'd like to share the amount of pure joy we all receive from this experience, as I introduce them to you.

Most of the residents on the second floor, where we will visit; will not remember your name, or probably their own. They do light up with a blazing amount of joy behind their beautiful eyes when you hold their hand and just listen.

My own grandmother passed away years ago. I've found this to be a great way to adopt a grandmother/grandfather if you will. They love seeing a fresh face interested in their stories. When you talk about the dinner you cooked, or spring flowers you planted, or family at home...it helps them to remember some of their own experiences and broadens their minds. You see the click in their eyes and the friendship sparks ignite.

We hope you can make it, please RSVP today and join us!

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