What we're about

This meetup group is specifically designed for those who are interested in leveling up their well-being. Together we support each other’s healing journey, through growing and maintaining our optimal state of being.

We offer workshops, training, demostrations, and sound baths to support self-healing and empowerment.

Teaching you tools that support your potential, thus shifting your programmed beliefs so you live fully empowered, physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, in all areas of your life.

Our mission: Let go of the PAST so you move into the PRESENT and create the FUTURE you desire.

Your journey of transformation begins NOW!

We will be meeting in 3 locations: San Jose, San Mateo and Union City.

The idea of “Project BE•ing” is to awaken the love and light in every one of us!

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Do You Have Anxiety about Money? Learn to Clear your Blocks NOW!

innerTreat Wellness Center

This is a FREE Workshop - RSVP required • Eliminate Your Money Blocks • Clear the Path to More Abundance • Release the Emotional Baggage around your Money Story - Doors open at 1:45 PM - We will start the workshop on time at 2:00 PM - Do YOU have a love/hate relationship with Money? - Are YOU ignoring your bills? - Do YOU get anxiety when you think of paying your bills? - Are YOU holding on tightly to what you have that there is NO room for more? - Are YOU caught in this endless cycle of sabotaging your finances? Well, let me ask you this... are you tired of lugging around ALL of your Money Stories from your Past that are creating your Present situation? The Emotion Code Technique WILL help unpack that baggage! You will learn: - How the Emotional Baggage you have accumulated, creates Limiting Beliefs around Money - The role of the Subconscious Mind in creating your Limiting Beliefs - What are some of the examples of Money Blocks you unknowingly carry around the reason that you feel this way is because you have unprocessed Negative Trapped Emotions from your Past stuck in your body. The Emotion Code improves and enhances your abilities to let go of all those negative emotions that are creating this endless loop self-sabotage. Here are a few of the 60 emotions that can be trapped, creating imbalances in your energy body that keep you in pain, stuck, unhappy or just feeling bad: ......Worry......Failure......Shock......Resentment.....Fear.....Anger...... During this workshop, Cristi & Virna will explain how you can release and eliminate your Limiting Beliefs using The 7-Keys to Emotion Code. They will be asking for volunteers for their participation and demonstrate how an Emotion Code Session can significantly relieve and most often REMOVE these issues within minutes - while you remain in your seat. They have worked with people all over the World ( via Skype, Zoom or telephone ) to relieve their limiting beliefs other challenges in their lives using this technique NOTE: RSVP for Seating Required ( Available: 12 spots )

Enjoy deep relaxation with Sound Bath - West San Jose

innerTreat Wellness Center

Want to sleep better, feel relaxed and focused and feel happier? Try Sound Bath!!! It allows the vibrations to pass through your body, release blockages, quite the mind, and balance the energies. Fee: $25.00 • PAY NOW to hold your spot: https://six-senses-healing.square.site/ A sound bath is an immersion in sound frequency that cleanses your soul. Please join Sabrina Huang for an incredible afternoon and enjoy deep relaxation. The sacred sound of vibrations from Tibetan singing bowls, chimes, and Tingsha will serenade you into a deeply restorative and rejuvenating state. Fee: $25.00 • PAY NOW: https://six-senses-healing.square.site/ We will be lying on the floor so bring a yoga mat, pillow, blanket, eye mask, water bottle, extra layers, etc., anything that will make you feel more comfortable. We can provide chairs if you prefer to sit. **All sales are final. Check-in at 4:00 PM, and we begin promptly at 4:30 PM. For more information: https://www.sixsenseshealing.com/sound-bath

Special Event - Sound Bath for Cancer, PTSD, and Parkinson’s Patients - West SJ

This is a special event for people who have Cancer, Parkinson’s or PTSD. I went to a presentation by Dr. Sherri Livengood on “Sound as a Neurotherapeutic Treatment for Coma, Parkinson’s and PTSD. She is an auditory neuroscientist and study sound therapy for traumatic brain injury (TBI) at Hines VA and Northwestern’s Feinberg School of Medicine. She has some very exciting finding on how sound and vibrations can benefit people with Coma, Parkinson’s and PTSD. She would like to get feedback from sound therapists who have provided sound healing services to people with those conditions. Therefore, I am offering a FREE group Sound Bath for Cancer, Parkinson’s, and PTSD Patients. $25 for the general public. RSVP on Eventbrite (not Meetup) https://www.eventbrite.com/e/sound-bath-for-cancer-parkinsons-and-ptsd-patients-west-san-jose-registration-74588352771 Come experience the magic of sound and vibrations from Tibetan singing bowls that help you to relax your body and mind in an amazing way. Your feedback will be greatly appreciated.

Sound Bath for First Responders, Medical, Military Personnel/Vet and Teachers

This is a special event, FREE for people who are First Responders, Medical Personnel, Military Personnel/Veteran and Teachers. $25 for the general public. Thank you all for your services. Thanksgiving is coming and I would like to take this opportunity to offer a group Sound Bath as a way to show my appreciation for your services. Come experience the magic of sound and vibrations from Tibetan singing bowls that helps you to relax your body and mind in an amazing way. RSVP on Eventbrite (not Meetup) https://www.eventbrite.com/e/sound-bath-for-first-respondersmedicalmilitary-personnelvet-and-teachers-registration-74589841223

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