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Its that time again for another meet, greet, network and banter about the world of projects...

Will you be filling a GAAP or losing your SOX? Firstly, I would like to Welcome the new members who have joined us since our last meet up. To all the members, please come attend and check out the meet and greet, and take the opportunity to network with other stimulating charismatic individuals who'll gladly fill the air with thought-provoking, delightful conversations. I am planning on hosting this meet up at Earl's on 4th Street SW, if you have other suggestions please do not hesitate to let me know.

Food for thought: In this market, what is the mark up for contingencies in a project today, while satisfying Big Brother's regulatory bodies? Is the true measure of success in a project based on how well the disaster planning is? After all, a one year project still going after a couple years is a good sign, isn't it?

A manager reads a non-technical article describing some very complex technology and makes decisions based solely and only upon the information found in that article.

Although there are many executives who would read the same article, find some value in it, and then would go out to learn more. Rather than using that rather slim foundation as the basis of a key decision, that decision-maker would speak with knowledgeable members of his/her staff and others having technical knowledge and experience before rushing into something.

What’s been your experience?