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We can’t always control our external environment but we can control ourselves. Lack of control over our external environment is distressing but, when we gain control and harmony in ourselves- this greatly affects how we experience our external world. Our internal sense of control determines if we are able to overcome or endure situations or not, and if we are able to maintain balanced in order to reach solutions and resolution or not.

In my workshops I inform people about our nervous system, we all have one and it affects us daily in ways many of us aren't aware. I will bring light to how our body’s use of adaptive mechanisms (i.e. fight/flight/freeze/fawn) at certain times may either help or hinder us in regards to specific life situations like love and relationships, career and entrepreneurship, work and college, personal goals and spirituality.

The audience I am gearing my work towards are people who love learning new information, people interested in mental health, people who feel trapped or stuck in life, people who deal with fear or anxiety or depression, people who find it difficult to take healthy risks or start something new, people who are bored with life, and business people and entrepreneurs who feel like they’ve lost their creative touch to name a few.

I currently manage a team of clinical assistants in the Clinical Department at The Psychological Care and Healing Center in Los Angeles, California; Alumnus of The University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA); and Recipient of the UCLA Gender Studies Department Community Engagement Award where I was recognized for my local, national and international health & justice advocacy.

As a researcher, my passion can be found at the intersection of the latest findings from psychology, spiritual science, alternative medicine, neuroscience, and quantum physics to explore the different components of life and science that influence the human experience.

Through my years of work and coaching I have helped clients gain control of their lives again by giving them the resources and tools for them to achieve internal harmony. What we learn is that, though we can’t always control over our external environment, our internal self beliefs, patterns, habits and mechanisms all dictate whether we reach peace and/or resolution in situations and in our overall lives or not.

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