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Project Peace, Orillia
"OUR history begins before we are born. We represent the hereditary influences of our race, and our ancestors virtually live in us." James Nasmyth This week, we're moving back into the center of the Wheel of Life... where we'll be focused on creating peace with and for our sacred Ancestors. Over the course of this past month, I've been led by my Guides into exploring the process of healing from a different shamanic view - one that balances the part of us humans who walks the surface of Planet Earth, with the one who is our connection to the stars above and where we all came from... AND with the part of us who's intimately connected with this planet - with our sacred Mother and Her Nature. It's through this third part of our Be-ingness that we have direct access to our sacred Ancestors, through our shared bloodlines, which are the sacred waters flowing throughout our bodies. Whether we recognize this truth or not, "Our ancestors are totally essential to our every waking moment, although most of us don't even have the faintest idea about their lives, their trials, their hardships or challenges. Annie Lennox And there are many in our Ancestry that didn't bring their sacred work into completion in the lifetime they lived. Through our connection with them, we can work together to bring into peaceful conclusion that which is still unfinished. We'll be looking at using some new tools, in addition to our sound healing tools, to construct a pathway to meet up with someone in our ancestral lineage, and see if there's something we can assist with healing, in order for our ancestral bloodlines, which also includes us, to heal into greater peace. Intrigued? Come join us as we individually and collectively look to discover some practical ways we can use to create more peace in our world between humans and water, in our day-to-day lives. If this sings in your heart, I look forward in gratitude to our working together to create and ground more peace with those who came before us, and upon who's shoulders we all stand, for the benefit of all who came before us, as well as all who follow after us. We'll be sharing a potluck meal at my studio beforehand, at 5 p.m. - for those of you interested, please bring a food contribution to feed about 6 people. The meetup begins at 6. As always, this group’s work together is by donation only, with 100% of donations going to local peace initiatives.

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What we're about


Coming together within the scalar field of Oneness/zero point energy (assisted by sound healing technology), we play specific frequencies intended to easily retrain our brains out of fear and scarcity consciousness, and into states of consciousness associated with peace, joy, compassion and creativity.

We also acknowledge that the world around us, and we in it, are in the midst of a powerful Shift in consciousness... And moving into "pod consciousness" where we honor our collective wisdom, is an integral part of the transformative process.

So, knowing that collectively we are ‘more than the sum’ of our individual human parts, while also understanding there can be no peace "out there" in the world, without it first manifesting in our own hearts, we intend peace together. This means that when we come together to co-create peace in our hearts, the collective waves of peace travel ‘out there’ more potently than they would if/when sent individually.

We focus on intending peace, using a variety of transformational tools - including sound, vibration, crystals, meditation, guided visualization, chanting, sacred geometry, work with meridians/ley lines, and any other tools which participants bring to co-create peace.

Together, we choose to grow and transform into peaceful care-takers and compassionate co-creators of the new Earth. The healing energy from this work/play spreads out in waves of peace and Beauty into our own lives, and thence out into the world...

We truly are the Ones we’ve been waiting for. If this resonates in your heart, we hope you’ll join us.

“By ourselves we can make a difference, together we can change the world.” (Ian Sumner)

More details (for those who find this helpful):

1. Peace Offerings -

In the space where we’ll be meeting, is also a large plant/small palm tree. The palm tree has been recognized in many cultures as the tree of peace.

So, I’m also wanting to begin using the space beneath it for ‘peace offerings’. These are small wrapped gifts we can each contribute anonymously, when or if we wish, to share with another who may feel guided to choose it.

The peace offering gifts aren’t intended to be costly – they might be a stone or a feather you find, a card or other small item you’ve made, or something that’s traveled with you and you want to release now, to create space for something new in your life.

This is a ‘no-strings-attached’ opportunity to give and/or to receive a gift intended to share peace with another. You don’t need to give in order to receive. Neither do you need to receive, if you’re gifting. You don’t need to participate at all. In my experience, sharing heart-full gifting, within the specific intention of peace and harmony, has been powerful – with amazing, healing synchronicities showing up for those who’ve participated.

This peace offering/gifting will be available in all the meetups, whenever they’re contributed and whenever anyone feels they want to receive one.

2. Structure/flow of the meetup

We’ll begin with a brief opening circle, then move into the focus of the meetup. Usually, at least in the beginning, I’ll be offering a guided visualization, supported by the frequencies (see #3 for more details on this). Over time, depending on the comfort of each of you, there may be opportunities for you, or guest speakers, to lead us in a peace-reclaiming activity.

There will be time towards the end for brief reflections/sharing... as well as time for feedback/ideas to weave into future meetups. We’ll be using a talking stick to facilitate this (and if you’re not familiar with this process, no worries – we’ll review this).

3. The Sound Healing Tools I Use

These tools are still relatively new on the planet (for about the past 40 years). They work powerfully and effectively, to retrain our brains away from old, stressful patterns/habits, helping us develop new neurological pathways in our brains connected to greater peace and relaxation.

For an introduction to what they are, and how they work, I’ll be available ½ an hour before our meetups begin, to review them with any who are interested in knowing more – you don’t need to sign up for this, if you’ve RSVP’ed your attendance at meetup - just come for 6 pm.

4. Your Intentions

Please bring with you a heart that’s open to new possibilities of peace in your own life, and ways to find and share this.

If you have a crystal or stone you work with (since crystals/stones hold energy) that you’d like to bring along to hold the energy of our group between meetups, to support your deepening your peace practice, you’re welcome to do this.

If you have other tools you work with that you’d like us to incorporate in our work/play together, we’ll have time/space to share about this too.

5. Attendance

Please feel free to come to as many Peace Project meetups as resonate in your heart. Again, there’s no expectation in this, except for following what resonates for you.

I do ask that you RSVP – my meeting space isn’t huge, and it’s helpful for me to know how many people to expect.

6. Fees

There are no set fees – I’m asking for donations, the entirety of which (minus any minimal costs) will be donated to a peace-keeping charity. We’ll decide which charity each time we meet, and I’ll be posting all the financial details for members to see, on our meetup site.

7. Thank you

I’ve honestly no idea where our journey together will take us – we’ll discover that together. But I’m very grateful to each of you, for your willingness to show up in this way, to participate in creating more peace in both your own lives and on the planet.

I’m looking forward to meeting each one of you, and getting to know you. May we all live and thrive in peace.

Your questions, comments and suggestions are always welcome. In peace, deb

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