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Welcome. We are all part of the Project Rejuvenation Network. From here you can connect with your vision of living in a Sustainable, Ecological, and Intentional Community. Our focus is presently Ontario with intentions to expand and network world wide. We offer resources for you to use in order to create your own community or in order to join other communities presently in operation. Our goal is simple. We wish to connect individuals, and offer the tools needed in order transition into a more sustainable and ecological way of living. We encourage you to comment in our blog or send us an email about your vision. Imagine how good life can be ~ www.projectrejuvenation.net

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Compassionate Communication and Flying

Dovercourt Penthouse (top floor)

Free for first-timers! Learn & practice: a) simple tools of self-awareness, self-responsibility, & compassion for others’ experience; and b) progression into flying in the dance of contact improvisation. This month’s Chemistry in Motion™/Communicadance™ class is a combination of the verbal skills underlying Non-Violent Communication (NVC), a language of compassion, and the physical skills of finding flight, lofting from the ground, and into the support of a dance partner. Refine your ability to get in touch with what you and others want and don’t want and find the space of mutual desire. Play with the freedom of taking flight and with the comfort and connection of landing in another’s arms. Stretch your comfort zone as only you can choose, when you’re ready. Come join us for an afternoon of delight and come away with tools for life. = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = If you're new to this form of dance, search out the videos on YouTube with "contact improv." Come on your own, come with a partner, or come with a bunch of friends. Sign up for a 12-class series at the $8/class price or see other ticket options at $12 to $15, depending on when you purchase. Free for first-timers, those who are participating for the first time in Chemistry in Motion™—Communicadance™. While at the class, you can also pay for the next class for $10 cash. Ticket link for free and paid tickets: https://chemistryinmotion.eventbrite.com Dovercourt Penthouse (top floor, 805 Dovercourt Rd., Toronto, just north of Bloor) Warm up: 2:45pm — Facilitated event: 3:15 to 5:30 — Open to stay to 6:00pm. Best to arrive at your leisure during the warm-up time or before 3:15 so we're all on the same page. Wear clothes suitable for yoga or dancercise. Knee pads are a useful option. Come refreshed. May want to bring a towel and change of shirt. We’ll be exercising! Best to avoid wearing perfume or scents, for the comfort of others. Remember your water bottle! Dinner together afterwards is an option. :) Check out what people say about their experiences at Chemistry in Motion™, also known by Communicadance™. The most recent comments are at the bottom of the page: http://www3.sympatico.ca/alexstarmagic/comments.html To review general guidelines for safety and interaction at this event, look here: http://www3.sympatico.ca/alexstarmagic/guide.html Bio: Alex Perlman is the founding visionary of the Brilliant Contact Community™ network of holistic, land-based communities and is currently building community and retreat facilities on two properties in the California wine country and is in negotiations on a Toronto property as the Canadian home for the Collective for Healing, Expressive, and Consciousness Arts (CHECA)™. Alex has 5 university degrees, 4 of those from the University of Toronto, and holds a Canadian CPA designation as a professional accountant. Alex began his formal workshop facilitation training as an intern at the age of 22, has keynoted major conferences, and organized experiential workshops periodically over a 5-year period in the Caribbean. Alex has been practicing contact improv dance for 24 years and has been teaching it regularly for 11 years. He has trained with renowned contact improv teachers such as: Nancy Stark Smith, Alyssa Lynes, Ray Chung, Nita Little, Steve Paxton, Martin Keogh, Scott Wells, Shel Wagner Rasch, Angie Hauser, Kirstie Simson, Stefan Fabry, Allen and Karen Kaeja, Robert Anderson, Tara Brandel, Mark Koenig, Stephanie Cohen, Karl Frost, Benno Voorham, Moti Zimmerman, Tracy Vogel, Aaron Jessop, Vitali Kononov, Rosemary Hannon, Peter Ryan, Peter Bingham, Sean Seward, Joseph Sengco, Karen Nelson, John Dowell, Ralf Jaroschinski , and Brenton Cheng. Contact: Alex Perlman[masked] — [masked]

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Chemistry in Motion™—Communicadance™

Dovercourt Penthouse (top floor)

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