PfPE Working Session - Tools for Participation


As I write this, the Project Meetup has 143 members.

This session will think about the most engaging and fruitful ways of connecting our membership into the work of the Project, as we develop the Ethical Framework that will underpin a Progressive Ethics (for more detail about this, look here ( - exciting and effective ideas have been developed).

This membership has built itself - there has been no outreach, no large event, no recruitment drive - the idea of a Progressive Ethics clearly has the potential to engage.

Looking through the list, the signs are that we are an excitingly diverse bunch, with a wide range of interests and skills.

Clearly, not all members will come to Working Session events (although they are engaging and exciting experiences - do give it a try!), but people don't join a Project without some idea of contributing to its development: at this session we will come up with ways of opening participation and engagement out beyond physical Meetups.

This session is a complete event, with its own topic for discussion and consideration, built around the idea of participatory development - no prior engagement is necessary! No future commitment is required!