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We exist, first and foremost, for the animals with a relentless focus on their rights, lives, and well-being. We embrace nonviolent direct action as a guiding principle, organizing social, educational, and outreach events at an increasingly ferocious pace. We strive to save as many lives, reduce as much suffering, and do as much good as possible by addressing the leading cause of unnecessary nonhuman animal suffering, vast swathes of human animal suffering, and immense oceans of environmental devastation: modern animal agriculture. Guided by these core values, we are unstoppable, striving to become the leading for animals not only in St. Louis, but across the entire Midwest in just three years. From there, we strive to unite the entire animal rights movement into one indomitable force for nonhuman and human animal liberation the world round.

In just two months, we have accomplished the following:

*Hosting St. Louis’ first-ever Vegmas, the single most extravagant vegan feast in St. Louis history that attracted just over 150 attendees, including Mic the Vegan, one of the most famous vegan YouTubers in the entire world
*Screening the long-awaited successor to Earthlings, Dominion, at Ronnie’s 20 Cinema as part of the single largest vegan documentary screening in St. Louis history, receiving over 1,500 views (and counting!) on social media
*Mobilizing a dozen activists at our St. Louis March to Ban Fur, the first march in St. Louis history directly targeted at banning the sale of fur in the St. Louis metropolitan area, as part of our historic anti-fur campaign
*Mobilizing eight activists during our march to disrupt speciesism, during which we gave impassioned speak-outs, urged others to join us, and sang songs of animal liberation, engaging in compassionate, love-based community organizing
*Attracting nearly 30 guests to our first-ever Thanksliving celebration, at which we nominated nearly 30 outstanding activists from across the country for awards to recognize their outstanding achievements
*Selling nearly 30 tickets to our first-ever Vegan Lebanese Breakfast, an event that received rave reviews from attendees
*Being featured twice in Sauce Magazine’s online publications for our first-ever Vegmas celebration and our Vegan Lebanese Breakfast

None of our work would be possible without supporters like you. We are deeply grateful you seized onto our mission of saving lives, reducing suffering, and transforming the Midwest early on. But now we must ask you to redouble your commitment to building the just, equitable world we all deserve, no matter our species. As you plan your contributions for the next year, please remember Project Animal Freedom. Remember the potential our revolution has to end some of the greatest horrors, injustices, and atrocities ever committed in human history.

Cows, chickens, pigs, rabbits, and animals of innumerable other species are counting on you to free them from utter misery. Will you heed their cries? Their screams? Their howls? This holiday season, please consider becoming a benefactor of Project Animal Freedom and all the incredible work we already perform. Here is your opportunity to help us revolutionize the entire Midwest until every animal lives safe, happy, and free from the genuine tyranny of factory farms, slaughterhouses, and other animal-abusing facilities: https://projectanimalfreedom.kindful.com/

The animals are counting on you, and they can bear to suffer no longer. What are you waiting for?

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Why Vegan?

The Brentwood Community Center

We make a decision of tremendous importance several times a day, every day. Though we may not realize it, this decision has the power to heal our health or deteriorate it, to destroy our environment or salvage it. In sooth, the lives of billions, our health, and the very integrity of our planet hinge upon this seemingly innocuous decision. This is the decision about what we eat. As we explore the moral, environmental, nutritional, social, and economic dimensions of this seemingly simple choice, you will be repeatedly astounded by the shocking reality, huge inefficiencies, and massive hidden costs which characterize animal agriculture. You will also learn the most meaningful, effective action you can take to combat these tremendous evils. RVSP today, and bring as many friends, family, and colleagues as you possibly can to this potentially life-changing event; this is your opportunity to either go vegan or veganize the entire world—or, at least, our small corner of it! We will meet in Room B1 instead of Room C, where we normally meet; please bring some food to share since our meetings double as potlucks! WANT TO LEARN MORE ABOUT THIS EVENT? Contact Kyle at [masked] or[masked] today! WANT TO SUPPORT OUR LIFE-SAVING WORK? Support us today! https://projectanimalfreedom.kindful.com/ WANT TO LEARN MORE ABOUT OUR MISSION? Visit our Patreon today! https://www.patreon.com/ProjectAnimalFreedom

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