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Our Meetup group is full of AMAZING women! In this space, every woman is an individual...a ME. By coming together as a society of women that supports and empowers one another - together...we become a WE! In this space, we use the tools of communication & community to help to build each other up, not tear each other down.

This is a women's community designed to promote authentic female connections with a focus on wellness of mind, body & spirit of all kinds. In Project WE Society, we strive to thrive in life and learn so much about ourselves and each other, in the process. Our goal is to grow our social circles while sharing our experiences and ideas with like-minded women making new, authentic and long-term friendships!

The Founder & Organizer of this group believes that all women should have access to tools for empowering themselves to live their best lives. With a focus on a health & wellness mindset herself, she values living a chemical-free, sustainable lifestyle & enjoys helping women to focus on living their own healthiest life, as well!

An ideal member of our Meetup group will be a wellness-minded woman who also has a desire to thrive in life! We value Strength, Spirituality, Mental & Physical Wellness, Independence, Self-Improvement, Empowerment, Balance, Growth, Support, Fun, Healthy Eating, and positivity of all kinds. Our group will expose you to a variety of women’s wellness, social & educational events - feel free to invite friends to join our group and, yes, teach us some things that you know, too! Whether you are a professional woman or a stay-at-home Mom, we are excited to help you to find what you seek. Come be a part of our circle...the Project WE Society!

COSTS: Many of the events have a charge, including a small Event Organizer Fee, though we try to have some free gatherings, as well. FYI…Meetup is a paid space that the Organizer pays for – there is a charge to host the group, as well as, a percentage paid for any funds that are collected through Meetup. It takes time and energy to organize & manage a group, thus the Annual Member & Event Organizer Fees.


1. RSVP "YES" only when your intention to come is 100%. Space is typically limited and every "yes" is very important. For events that have materials supplied prior to your arrival, you will need to “Register” in order for your attendance to be confirmed.

2. Arrive on time and, just as you would never "No Show" to a girlfriend’s party….we appreciate the same courtesy. Members who don't show up leave an organizer waiting for you and also deprive the members on the waiting list.

3. Register early for an event if you see Limited Space to ensure you get your space(s)!

4. Please...don't NOT come to an event because you don't see attendees!! Many times we are inviting through an additional forum so, they aren't always registered here. If you see only 1 going, it could really be 5! Don't be shy....join us!! If questions on attendance, just ask.

4. Our paid members have access to a private Facebook group & wellness community. On occasion, we will post private events not published to our Meetup board.


Your paid Registration will be refunded upon written cancellation within 48 hours prior to the start of the event or as specified in the event itself. If supplies are purchased on your behalf, please be aware that Project WE Society reserves the right to deduct the cost of supplies prior to your refund. NOTE: Many times we partner with other businesses, their refund policy could differ from our own and we would honor their refund policy for our group.

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