Joni Sare, C.Joni Sare, C.

Joni Sare, C.

Organizer, Co-organizer/founder of Project Wellbeing


Cupertino, CA

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Aug 5, 2009


I'm a trained therapeutic chef, wanting to meet people in the kitchen and at the table. I'm here to connect with like-minded folks. My purpose: being inspired/inspiring others.

What are you passionate about? (share your interests)

Teaching others about cooking, health, nutrition and well being... to empower them so that they make choices that'r right for them to encourage a ripple effect/the butterfly effect. Member of: Slow Food South Bay; United States Personal Chef Association.

What are you most interested in? Please choose 3 from this list, or note your own if you don't see it here: cooking, food events, Potlucks, outings, field trips, classes, lectures, workshops, study groups.

All of the above. Sharing information with others.

Are you a: Raw Foodist? Vegetarian? Vegan? Meat eater? Paleo? Ancestral? GAPS? Grain-Free. GMO-Free? Flexatarian?

Ancestral/paleo, Bulletproof, Flexitarian, Fodmap-ish, GAP-ish, Gluten free