• Discuss a fast.ai Deep Learning Notebook

    Sandbox Suites (12-min walk from Caltrain, 13-min walk from Bart)

    You benefit only if you have spent hours studying this notebook in advance: https://github.com/fastai/fastai_docs/blob/master/dev_course/dl2/04_callbacks.ipynb So you come in either ready to explain this notebook or have specific questions about certain cells in it. Our meeting is to go through this notebook discussing questions among us. Schedule: 6pm - 6:15pm get online & run the notebook 6:15pm - 7:30pm go through the notebook Background info: The notebook is from the fast.ai part 2 class at USF. You can take part 1 online class here: https://course.fast.ai/ If you have completed part 1, you can find the previous version of part 2 class here: http://course18.fast.ai/lessons/lessons2.html In short, by going through the notebook, you can see whether you'll benefit from discussing it.